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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 11 – Focus on New Experiences!

By Trina Otero

Day 11: Focus on New Experiences!

“Having New Experiences Enhance Your Brain’s Neurons’ Neural Connections. This will keep Your Mind Young & Vibrant. It gets rid of Old memories, in order to Make Room for New Ones. You will also be Open to Universal Information, which contains Endless Possibilities, because Your Mind will be Active & will have a Stronger & Clearer Connection to Universal Frequencies. It will also help You Thought Shift to a Higher Consciousness. When You are having New Experiences, Your energy will be using the Frequency Effect to be in High Vibrations, which Attracts Positive things & situations in Your Life.

New Experiences activate Your Neurons & increases Your Brain Power & Focus. It Opens the Flow In Your Crown Chakra (Purple), which connects You to the Universal Mind & Increases Understanding & Knowledge. It also Opens the Flow in Your Sacral Chakra (Orange), which increases Your drive to want to have & attract New Experiences in Your Life. This will help You Release Bored, Lonely & Anxious Energies, which are Low Vibrational Emotions. It will also Release Blocks or Blocked Energy from Your Chakras, which helps to Balance & Align All of Your Chakras’ Flow.”

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I absolutely love how I’m going with the flow of these challenges🍃, because the Universe naturally leads me up to the next one! 💜 Quite a few new things have happened, such as: beautiful, new, resonating friends 👭; new art projects 🎨; new study plans🙏; new travel plans 🗻; new workouts & new healthy recipes🍆; my courage to step forward as a Teacher & Coach and stop telling myself I need more of something to be qualified, when I have been qualified since I arrived on Earth💪; and my deeper vulnerability with all of you on my social media & blog 😌. In the past I have weaved my experiences into stories or symbolic poetic quotes and expressions. And this is still very much how I write and that will never change, but in order to help those who are where I’ve been, I’ve got to shed more & more skin. 🙄 Do you like the poetic way I posed that? 😉 Cheers, Prost, Cin Cin, Salud to everything NEW! 🙌😙💞 Gracias @lawofattractionspecialist & @mswhizdom for the challenge, it’s right on time, just like the flow of the Universe. 🙌🙏😌💋

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