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No Wonder Lesbianism is on the Rise [with Visual Art]


By Trina Otero

No wonder lesbianism is on the rise.

Women find a connection with other women. An appreciation. A sisterhood. A comfort. A deep love and devotion. Soul Love. We see the mother in one another. The sister, the aunt, the cousin, the best friend, the lover. We see ourselves.

best friends

We see the artist, the nurturer, the teacher, the student, the vulnerable child, the warrior, the peacemaker, the adventurer, the medicine woman, the temptress, the devout.



women empowerment

Muslim Woman

Women look at other women and see their beauty and they have two choices — to embrace and appreciate or to be intimidated. Strong women — Queens — see other women and they feel inspired, empowered, awe-struck, and humbled. Insecure women, and many insecure men for that matter, are intimidated by strong and beautiful women. So they act childishly.

divine feminine, yoni, goddess, goddess rising, mother goddess

Perhaps the rise in lesbianism has nothing to do with sexual preference and everything to do with women who are ready to be appreciated. Women are ready to be appreciated. The majority of the male species is still stuck in a mental, emotional, and spiritual haze of immaturity. They are still bound by the shackles of patriarchal beliefs — that women are commodities, trophies, sex objects, slaves. So men do not take the time to appreciate women. Men do not take the time to look deep into a woman’s eyes, so deep that he can feel her soul crying out to his.


Men do not take the time to feel her greatness, and see her fierce determination even while she is at her lowest.


Men do not take the time to see her sharp spiritual foresight, and do not heed to her guidance. The guidance she innately gathers within her womb, within her heart, within her hair and her soul.

pregnancy photography


Long hair

The guidance that comes from the roots of the trees and the wings of the birds.


No — men do not take the time to trace the outlines of her lips, the softness of her breasts, the valley just before her hips or feel the warmth of her breath.


pole dancer

Men do not see that women are living art. Men do not recognize women are the bearers of creativity, they are the guardians of the Divine energy. Shakti.



Women are sacred and yet [most] men are still stumbling in a slumber, failing to notice, so they look upon a Queen and have the most mundane thoughts.

So yes, no wonder lesbianism is on the rise.

Writer’s note: My piece can be taken literally, but there is definitely a sarcastic undertone that is the base for something higher. It is to speak about something much higher, and to open the eyes to see the lack of balance in divine energies of feminine and masculine on the planet. And because of this, many human beings are also in imbalance, with men being no exception. It is evident in how many men treat women. But I can say the same for women as well.

Namaste ♀,

P.S. Please respect my work as a creative, artist, and writer. Please also respect each individual woman featured here as most of them are creatives as well. With that said, please do not copy and reshare any of these photos without asking permission first. Also understand that all my works are covered by a creative commons license. Trina Otero © 2022

I am so grateful to all of these beautiful women who were able to bring my words to life! Thank  you: Fae, Svet, Mel, Liv, Erynamel, Klairkia, Carly Ann, Angela, Almitra and her photographer Christopher Dascanio.

Check out Erynamel’s writing & photography: Erynamel.com

Check out Klairkia’s music, writing & photography: Klairkia.com

Check out Carly Ann’s art & jewelry: Ascendedart.com

Check out Almitra’s pole dance studio: Bigislandpoledancestudio.net

Trina Otero

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All works by Trina Otero is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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