💫 Where the Magic Begins 💫

By Trina Otero

After experiencing hell, I was quickly able to identify peace and this is why my heart sung with gratitude to the Creator. Thank you, after Thank you, after Thank you….and complete surrender to my path. Gratitude is how it all began for me. Faith & Gratitude… And the light, love, glory, and miracles came rushing in. ❤



Here is a repost from a dear friend of mine, a Goddess, Angela Dumas:

Gratitude is one of the most high vibrational frequencies you can be in! It ripples through out and it’s literally impossible to be in gratitude and feel discontent. Gratitude transmutes worry, fear, and replaces it with hope, faith and appreciation in the soul. When you are complaining and looking at what you don’t have you get more of those same experiences. Gratitude always bring more! Be grateful for what you have and for what you are and that is LOVE! Practice being grateful when you find yourself complaining and watch how it changes things instantly! Like how you are feeling at the time, pay attention and make a conscious choice to just simply switch into the frequency of GRATITUDE.

You can follow my lovely friend, who is the beautiful woman in the feature photo, on Instagram. [@here2empower just in case your mobile devices want to be funny!]

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