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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 6 – Focus on Your Desires!

By Trina Otero

Day 6: Focus on Your Desires!

“Visualize Your future Desires being in Your life in the present and act as if You already have Your Desires. Visualizing Your Desires will help you develop Positive Vibrations in Your Habit mind and connects You To a High Vibrational Universal Frequency! This will help You Balance Your Crown Chakra, which is Your 7th Chakra, located at the Top of Your Head. Visualize Purple, which is the color of Your Crown Chakra. With Your Crown Chakra in High Vibrations, You will be able to communicate with the Universal Mind more Clearly!”

intentional art, intentional creativity

I have been manifesting dreams through art for two years. 🎨 It is meditation 🙏 and for hours all my focus goes into creating what I would like to experience! Can you imagine all that focused energy being sent out into the Universe? 🌌 It’s such a fun & wild way to set intentions and make dreams come true! I have a great video about this if you want to learn more about manifesting dreams. 📺 Tonight I’ve gathered a few pieces of intentional art I’ve been working on, along with my very long list of desires (which in a nutshell are all tied to the art pieces)! I already feel the magic brewing! 💫💕🌈Gracias @lawofattractionspecialist & @mswhizdom for the challenge, it goes well with my February Flush & Fast! 🙌🙏😌💋


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