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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 5 – Focus on Forgiveness!

By Trina Otero

Day 5: Focus on Forgiveness!

“Forgiving & Feeling Guilt-Free clears Your Habit mind, activates Your Pineal Gland or Intuition to be in High Vibrations & Your Thought Print will be Connected to a High Universal Frequency, which helps You attract Your Desires! This will help You Balance Your Third Eye Chakra, which is Your 6th Chakra, located in the Middle of Your Forehead. Visualize Indigo, which is the color of Your Third Eye Chakra.”

I find synchronicity every morning after I read my next challenge so today was no different. 💫 After reading the challenge I ready my Note from the Universe and guess what it said? It reminded me that “unpleasant” things that happen to me are blessings, which contribute to a brighter future. Part of my soul’s Plan.👣The second synchronicity was a quote I posted exactly one year ago! Make sure to check it out [it’s the Maya Angelou quote]! Everything seems to resonate with forgiveness!

For my challenge, I made a list of things I’ve been holding against myself, and a list of hurtful things others have done to me [that I hadn’t forgiven them for — yet]. I burned the lists tonight under the stars! 🌠 It felt good to do a physical action representing “letting go” & it made me giddy lol. 😀 I like fire 🔥 And this should help with my Third Eye block. Gracias @lawofattractionspecialist & @mswhizdom for the challenge, it goes well with my February Flush & Fast! 🙌🙏😌💋

P.S. If you choose to do this, please do it outside in a safe area where you won’t catch anything [or anyone!] on fire! ❤

ways to let go

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