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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 4 – Focus on Laughter!


By Trina Otero

Day 4: Focus on Laughter!

“Laughter is known as the ‘Best Medicine’ and Can Quickly connect You to High Vibrational Universal Frequencies. Laughter moves through Your whole body and activates all of Your Chakras to be in High Vibrations. It produces Happy-Chemicals or Endorphins in Your brain that make You feel good & it will help You Balance Your Heart Chakra, which is Your 4th Chakra, located at Your Chest. Visualize Green, which is the color of Your Heart Chakra.”

😂😂😂 After I saw the challenge this a.m. — no lie — I checked IG & someone had reposted a video of this fitspo guy @nate_diesel23 & I busted out laughing, still half asleep. Someone please go check out his Robert DeNiro impersonation, LOL, I was cracking up!

While I worked on my blog, I had the TV on cartoons so I could watch Spongebob, American Dad, & Family Guy. I made sure to get loads of shits & giggles! 😁😂😛 [Make sure to click the cartoon links, I shared some funny clips!]

Enjoy the funny memes! I couldn’t stop laughing!

😁😂😛 Gracias @lawofattractionspecialist & @mswhizdom for the challenge, it goes well with my February Flush & Fast! 🙌🙏😌💋

ashy skin


only you can prevent forest fires

nerd humor

joke about religion

pisces problems

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May the Light guide you.
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