Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 2 – Focus on Creativity!

By Trina Otero

Day 2: Focus on Creativity!

“Being on a Creative Frequency Will Help Balance Your Sacral Chakra, which is Your Second Major Chakra below Your belly button. Visualize Orange, which is the color of Your Sacral Chakra.”

Today was interesting; I woke up to dense energies & when I read the challenge I thought, “Hell no, not happening today.” But I worked through & found understanding of these energies, delved myself into studies, and felt lighter in the end. Although I couldn’t feel inspiration to paint or write, I noticed how much creative energy I put into mundane things, such as organizing a room and cooking. 🙂 Below is a poem I have written, which feels more like an intimate prayer. Gracias @lawofattractionspecialist & @mswhizdom for the challenge, it goes well with my February Flush & Fast! 🙌🙏😌💋

Trina Otero

My poetic prayer

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May the Light guide you.

[That’s an amazingly beautiful piece of art I used for my feature photo, huh? You can see more of Fern Palomo aka Fernapoli here >>> Website//IG]
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