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A Writer’s Voice Doesn’t Need to be Found


By Trina Otero

Pretty much every writer is told by someone or another that they’ll need to find their own voice. I was told that. When I think about that I find it ridiculously silly – a writer doesn’t need to “find” her voice. She doesn’t need to find it because she hears it 24/7, nonstop, inside her head. She knows her voice; she knows how it sounds, how it manifests and articulates the ideas and images strutting around and occupying her internal space. No, a writer doesn’t need to find her voice. A writer knows once she puts the words on paper, on the screen, out into the world that there is no way of turning back. So you see, a writer doesn’t have an issue with finding her voice, a writer is just afraid of being heard, because sometimes the world isn’t ready. A writer needs the courage to express herself and let go of the fear of being judged. Fuck the grammatical structure, correct punctuation, logic and all the other garbage ingrained into our brains. Those are rules, and in the world of creation there can be no rules. Rules set limitations and there can be no limitations when one creates. You see, we live in a world that is so bound by rules, boundaries and critics. And a writer must be free, so free to express herself, to be heard, instead of being told to live in confinement of what the outside world deems “right.” Because if that is the case then the writer would much rather continue living within her head, where she is free to roam among the hidden worlds and constant play of thoughts streaming in from the sea around her.

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