Video: Push Forward, Your Goals Are In Sight! Happy NYE 2015!

By Trina Otero

Hey everyone 🙂 Keeping up with tradition I have made a short video message for the new year! I apologize if my voice seems low, I’m very sleepy but ready for the new year ahead! In this video I speak about last year’s message about choosing Love over Fear, which you can watch here if you’d like. I made last year’s video before finding out from astrologers that the new year began with a New Moon in Capricorn and Pluto, god of the underworld, joined in on the action. This interaction set the precedent for a year of planning, hard work, and an intense walk through our dark side [shadow side/underworld/subconscious/etc.]. This dedicated inner work can only bring forth death & rebirth, transformation, and that is what Pluto is about. The fact that astrological events aligned with my video message proves to me that this is bigger than me…bigger than my opinions…it is the Universe making it clear to us. So I am happy to be of service! Moving forward, this year’s video is simple — take what you learned from last year, all that courage, all those risks, your self-love, and your support group…and keep moving onward and upward! Your dreams are here..they are in sight so stay focused! Much love to you. Happy new year ❤



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