Raspy Rawls & Protestors in Ferguson

Ferguson: What Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You

By Trina Otero

My friend Raspy Rawls is a music artist and activist who joined the people in Ferguson in August soon after hearing about Michael Brown’s murder. He has been there helping, organizing, and spreading the word from Ground Zero. He shared a detailed account with Houston TREND, which was published Nov. 26, 2014. What you are about to read is very blunt but comes first-hand from a man who is dedicated to sharing the truth, especially since mainstream media is not reporting it.

Repost from Houston TREND. I did not write any of the following and I do not own the rights to this article or photographs.

Community activist and artist, Raspy Rawls, spent time in Ferguson, MO during the peak of the protesting for officer-slain teen, Michael Brown. Raspy is strong in his faith that the government and politics are not always on the people’s side. He has actively contributed to demanding justice for inequalities such as the Trayvon Martin and Leon Ford cases. Raspy shared his story from his time spent in Ferguson with Houston TREND.

August 9, 2014: Teenager Mike Brown, according to eyewitnesses, was executed by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson.

August 10, 2014: The news finally comes across my path.. What you are about to witness, is my journey from that day forth.

I received the news in the wee hours of the morning on the 10th. I finally woke up in anger at the lack of coverage the story was getting. Mind you, Eric Garner had just been LYNCHED in broad daylight by the NYPD and Leon Ford’s trial is set for September 2. I was already face-to-face fighting the POLICE TERRORISM, which is taking place. This was just fuel to the fire.

Raspy Rawls & Protestors in Ferguson

Being that the coverage for Mike Brown’s case was piss poor and no one was speaking up about it, I took to the biggest tool I had available which was the internet. My posts first started off as a rant. Just venting; Something I don’t do too often anymore. I had to catch myself, and harness that energy. I started directing my views back toward my mission; Leading the people to BE GREAT. During my rant, and while my Brothers and Sisters are in Ferguson tearing shyt up, my supporters start to pick up on the story. Little did I know, one of my Brothers on Instagram, @17thSoulja, began to wage war on the informational side of things. I unconsciously joined in with him. Not that I did it without knowing, but I did it without knowing he was doing it lol. It’s not hard to do. Not when you OVERSTAND the way of the world, and you’re so fed up with the bullshit that’s going on that your every action is to free yourself and the people from under the WHITE SUPREMACY SYSTEM which OPPRESSES us ALL. I blinked twice and soon Mike Brown’s execution is headed viral. My mind immediately kicks into another gear. I mentioned online in a post that we should send someone we felt was qualified to go harness the energy in Ferguson. In my mind it was just too much to pass up. I was never my choice though. The people chose me. Told me to start up a Go Fundme and they’ll fund it. I just had get there and do what I do.. LEAD!!

Ferguson, here I come. Road Trip!

August 16, 2014: My on the ground connect, Tory Russell, picked me up from my hotel and we head to Canfield Green Apartments, the real GROUND ZERO. Tory is a community organizer and activist. He’s responsible for getting the lawyers, the news, the food and most importantly the people out here. Tori was out here straight flexing lol. The job he’s doing will not go unrecognized as long as I’m breathing!

I’m finally on the ground. It’s been raining since this morning. There’s a nice-size crowd gathered around the vigil for Michael. I pulled out my phone and started recording my view as I pass through the back of the crowd, headed towards the area where Mike Brown’s uncle was being restrained. From this view I can now look down on the crowd. And who do I see in the middle, Jesse Jackson.. Smh..

I will say this, and then leave it alone for now; Jackson and Reverend Sharpton only come when cameras are on. And I haven’t seen any progress for my people through their leadership. We have to let go of whatever is NOT working, BOTTOM LINE. And Keep your feelings at home, for real. At this point I want to tell Jesse something so bad lol. My folks ask me not to and remind me that timing is everything.

Tory then introduces me to Bro. David Royal, who continued to guide me through the neighborhoods and city. Bro. David is a Father, an O.G, and a 1st Marine Division whose life is getting ready to change gears of great proportions overnight. He’s the Godson of Bro. Anthony Shahid (Community Activist). Bro. Shahid is a close friend of Bro. Farakahn. Bro. David has been all over the country standing up for the Ppl with Bro. Shahid. Being that Bro. David lives in Canfield Green, he’s now everyone’s connect for Ground Zero. From this point on he has been put into a Leader’s position. Everybody knows the Leader has a heavy plate. And taking care of Canfield, has now become a permanent job for Bro. David. He started an organization called, NNC Prince of Peace. For more info go to www.handsupdontshootstl.net.

See I knew Ferguson was planned ahead of time. Not Ferguson, MO. but I knew this was coming.. they didn’t.. The false flag at the Boston Marathon was the Martial Law test for the White Communities. Ferguson was for the Blacks. They just didn’t bank on the Love and Unity to come from Ferguson. Why else does the police need military gear in America. Who are they going to war with. Damn sure isn’t anyone from outside of the U.S. The Department of Homeland Security has purchased 360,000 hollow tip rounds, and 1.5 BILLION rounds in 2012. 1.5 Billion rounds is equivalent to a 24-year Iraq War. Hollow tips cannot be used overseas in war. Google Hague Convention. So once again, who are they going to war with. It’s a beautiful thing to see my Brothers and Sisters respond to the call tho.. I will say that.. To put all their differences aside and come together, without having the overstanding of the beast they are really up against, is a very tall feat. Let’s not attempt to downplay the Love, Unity, and Fight of Ferguson.

Tory then leaves with Jesse and the crowd. David and I continue to walk through the complex. Love is everywhere by the way. Everyone who passes are verbally checking to see if everyone else is ok. That has been constant thing since I landed; Literally, non-stop. Bloods, Crips, Young, Old, it didn’t matter. If you walked passed someone, they were checking on you. I’m from Louisiana. And for them to SEE that I came from that distance to stand with them, blew their minds. I have NEVER witnessed this with my own two eyes in my life. The LOVE was Breathtaking.

David introduced me to a few more OGs from the neighborhood. They all stated the same types of things that they would like to see continue happening in the city; UNITY, ECONOMICS, and LOVE. I just wanted to get a feel for the people when I first touched down, because their everyday life is now a circus and so many people will overlook that.

Wal-Mart decided to start closing at 6 because of the curfew, and Quick Trip burned down so residents had to drive further for gas now. Time is money. Residents of the complex where the shooting happened couldn’t even leave the complex for the first few days. Mike Brown’s best friend Dorian, well his neighbor lost her job because she couldn’t leave to make it to work. Her job didn’t believe that the incident was as serious as she claimed it to be at first. Some residents still haven’t returned home, and today is the 25th. Mike was executed on the 9th, crazy right? Yea, I know.

The crowd from earlier have been gone a few hours. Tory called me, tripping, seeing if I was good lol. He came back looking for me. I was deep DEEP in the hood lol. I’m from the hood so I don’t know what he was expecting me to do though lol. I was so deep in and mingling, I never left lol. I’ve been in Canfield Greens living with the people, marching in the rain, clearing out the protestors before the curfew, because we already knew the government’s plan was to slaughter us. It’s the reason the curfew was put into place. We disobey it. The kill us. Then allow the media to demonize us, and make it seem justifiable. My Mama ain’t raise no fools. The behavior shown toward peaceful protestors should not be allowed on our streets. We are in a police state whether you want to admit it or not.

The police shot a Queen Protestor from Howard University in the head (Instagram @SpookWritesOfficial). One cop was about to admit it on camera, but another cop shut him up. They shot a female Pastor with rubber bullets, while she was praying. What kind of person does that to another? Those are the real savages. They tear gassed us for no reason. When I say us I mean MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN. Then the media lies to the public to persuade them it was justifiable. They were saying we threw Molotov Cocktails. Have any of you ever thrown or seen one thrown before. So all those cameras out there and no one actually has footage of protestor throwing Molotov Cocktails. C’mon son. I watched the protest from all sides including being in front of the pack as well as the middle, back and sideline. Seeing who is who. There were a lot of UNDERCOVERS inciting the riots and people with cameras but not taking any pics. I started pointing them out and putting the people on game. Told them not to harm, but to watch them. Ferguson is not an isolated event. Just as this was a test run for them, it was one for us. By us pointing them out in person and online, allows others to know who/what to look for when this is at their front door. Cause this will not stop, unless WE STOP IT. I believe that these are the same tactics the United States Government uses overseas. Crises Actors and Undercovers acting as peaceful protestors, only to do things to incite a riot and lie on TV.

Raspy Rawls

I’m not here to debate or convince. I just don’t want anyone to say they had no clue. And don’t call me from a FEMA camp lol. Look around. The world is going to shytx and FAST. Unless we put our differences aside and come together, we can kiss this bitch (world) goodbye. It’s not like there’s another planet we can just fly to and live on. The system has us divided. It’s time to unite, and build our own system and practice group economics. I believe we can use the energy here in Ferguson and St. Louis as our first project. That is the reason my supporters sent me. That was the reason the connections that I was blessed with happened to be in those positions of power. I don’t believe in coincidences. Folks are saying just let God handle it then turn around and call themselves God. Folks are saying let God handle it. Those same people claim God works through others. Either way the cut goes, THE MOVEMENT AINT GON MOVE ITSELF.. KANG!!

You can find more info on Raspy Rawls at raspyrawls.info.

You can also see more updates at his Instagram @RaspyRawls



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