Lateral Love

Lateral Love – A Peaceful Revolution to Protect Australian Indigenous Communities & Culture & Promote Global Lateral Love

Lateral Love Australia

By Trina Otero

In the month of March I read about this man, William Brian Butler, from Australia and I was compelled to contact him & inquire about Ambassadorship with his organization Lateral Love Australia. Most people think of the past and far past when historical stories are conjured up, never realizing that very painful events were not too long ago. This man was born (in 1930s) when colonization and its horrific effects were still rampant in Australia. He describes in detail how he was born in a detention center and subject to abuse by his own “white” father. He describes the abuse, rape, torture, destruction of Aboriginal culture and values, the lies, slavery, racism, discrimination, and lateral violence that ensued. I admire this man because he has been reuniting Aboriginal children with their parents and communities since he was in his 20s, has started different organizations for his people, been politically involved for many, many years, and is the co – founder & director of Lateral Love Australia. The beauty of the organization is the values and mission is a universal one, and he hopes to build bridges with communities all around the world, advocating for empowerment, community resilience and resources, lateral love, the protection of culture, and the termination of discrimination/racism/hate/violence etc. If this interested you at all I encourage you to read his interview.


Read William Brian Butler’s story here!

You can check out my Ambassadorship & interview with Lateral Love here!

May the Light guide you.
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