True Love is Divine Love – Feeling God

true love, divine love

By Trina Otero

True Love is Divine Love. Unconditional Love. Like Elizabeth Gilbert nicely described it – like sitting in the palm of God’s hand. When you feel True Love you feel “washed over,” “overwhelmed” with peace, acceptance, joy, gratitude, be-ing. We have the capability to tap into this vast, transformative love by spending quiet time with our Selves, and therefore with Divine. And then, we are able to share and emit this Love to others. In this sense, we allow others to “feel” a piece of God/Allah/Divine/Universe through us. And it’s oh so wonderful when two lovers do this, this is my hope for the world.. That partners begin to share True Love amongst one another. Mirroring Divine. Mirroring Home. This is truly the next step in the evolution of relationships.. Right now there is immense healing going on.. And so many people waking up.. It’s beautiful. Patterns are being shattered. Patriarchal beliefs are being questioned. More thirst for answers and I must suggest…

“Look within. Listen around you. Call on Divine to awaken and pour love into your heart so you may know the Truth.”




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