real women

Women Want Respect

real women

By Fae Khanom

Beware of the strain the media puts upon you my beautiful sisters. We know it takes time to develop into a ‘real woman’ and we need to go through the motions of being a ‘girl’ first. This is the ‘norm.’ We live in a world where craving attention is deemed habitual and even encouraged (tactics to possibly keep us quiet and submissive to the sexualisation as a whole). Being told from tender ages that we are not pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough to then grow up striving for this ‘perfection’ set by the media and western culture. Going through adolescence trying to fill a void that should never have been there. Once we reach a certain age, becoming ‘wise’ we are then expected to demand ‘respect.’ What if by that age we are unable to distinguish between the two? Attention and respect? Are we then destined for a lifetime of unsatisfactory experiences because of what this society has taught us to be and feel as the norm from the very beginning? Are we aware as young Muslim women what Islam teaches us to be? How Islam depicts us as diamonds and pearls from the onset? As daughters, wives and mothers of the ummah? Exhibit excellent strength of character and be the reason others stop and say mashaAllah! Be the inspiration. Be the respected Muslim woman. ❤️❤️❤️

“The world and all things in it are precious, and the most precious thing in the world is a virtuous woman.” (Ahmad and Muslim)




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4 thoughts on “Women Want Respect

  1. BloomLisa says:

    Wise words. Thank you for spreading love around this issue for not only Muslim girls but all girls. I have two young daughters and wonder how they will navigate through the issues of self worth and beauty as they grow up. All good things to you sweet soul.


    • akosmopolite says:

      Thank you lovely! I will let my sis know your comment. She wrote this piece :). And yes I agree with you. I had to find my way as well and I am very passionate about this topic so I will have tons of stuff up soon! Tons of love to you and your family


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