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How Do You Think a Revolution Begins?

Trina Otero, Akosmopolite

By Trina Otero

I was younger than 10 years of age when I discovered Ernest Hemingway. His literature and expatriate life whisked me away to a vision.. A vision I would always keep in my mind and heart. I yearned for a group of Lost Generation’ers – I knew I would need to connect with other progressive thinkers, philosophers, artists, poets, writers, activists.. creatives from all walks of life to discuss the conditions of our societies and to let our ideas flow freely, in order to inspire one another, spark fire in one another, so that we could carry out and implement our magic into the world. Just as the world was starving then, from deprivation of freedom in every aspect, we are starving once again. And I can hear Hemingway echoing in the paintings I see, the poetry I read, the music I hear, the emotions I feel. It’s time for us to come together once again. We are the creators – we visualize, innovate and manifest our ideas. We have the natural gift to express in the physical world what we feel within; to bring dreams to life. That is the point of art, any form of art. And it’s time for us to come together again – commune together – to push humanity forward.

Do you live in or near Louisville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Philadelphia, PA; or Orlando, FL and want to have a chat?

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11 thoughts on “How Do You Think a Revolution Begins?

  1. Wuji says:

    I would skype you anytime! However, I’m somewhat craving if you could make a soundcloud and upload recordings on different topics, I know how good you are with social media and video content, but think podcasts would also be cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    • akosmopolite says:

      That is wild that you say that. Because one month ago I wrote down on my to-do list “what EXACTLY is a podcast and should I do this?” Lol! Is SoundCloud the best place for that? I do have an account.. And knew I’d upload audio but wasn’t sure what it would be yet. I do know I will upload guided meditations.


      • Wuji says:

        Yes you can post the soundclouds on your blog as well, it’s super cute and formats well. But the analytics of soundcloud is neat. Your videos are really good, they really draw the audience in to your genuine and wise nature.

        Liked by 1 person

      • akosmopolite says:

        Oh wow, you have watched some of my videos? I feel so embarrassed I didn’t take the time to browse your site. The WP app is so cool but weird because when you venture into someone else’s blog sometimes it does not recognize that it is you and it wants you to sign in, etc etc and it begins to annoy me. Lol I do feel like I’ve rambled in some of my videos and would like to redo some, but they did come from the heart with no script except for one or two that I had notes jotted down. Thank you, for taking the time to do that I appreciate it 💓

        Liked by 1 person

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