Word as Bond, Inc. Indianapolis

Help Our Teen Poets Get to Brave New Voices, an Internt’l Poetry Festival & Slam This Summer

Word as Bond, Inc, Indianapolis

By Trina Otero

Hey blogger and writer friends! This is a post directly for you guys, because I know you guys care about writing the most! Because hey! Most of us are doing this in our spare time [or even when we’re busy] because that is just how much we love to write. ❤ We understand the importance, power, empowerment, and magic behind words…. We know how writing has been our refuge, our outlet, our soapbox, our go-to, our source of encouragement. Our empowerment. Our choice to be informed. That is why I am hoping that you guys will understand my cause more than anyone else. I am on the board for Word as Bond, which is a newly founded nonprofit in Indianapolis, IN. We are a group of diverse writers from all walks of life, and we provide FREE creative writing workshops in two public schools right now [hoping to expand as we grow], and we just started our FREE creative writing workshops for the summer. We have 6 students attending on Saturdays, and these 6 students have been accepted to the international poetry festival and slam called Brave New Voices!! Brave New Voices has never had a team from Indiana, and our students have never been to a national or international youth slam! This is an incredible opportunity for these budding poets, and I am hoping you can help make this awesome dream come true by making a contribution to WORD. Any amount counts…even if you can only donate $1! Yes, I am serious 🙂 Our students mostly come from under-supported areas and don’t have the finances to pay for the registration and transportation. That is why we are raising the funds for our team! If you cannot make a monetary contribution, please pass this blog post on, reblog, etc. That would be MUCH appreciated 🙂 🙂 🙂 If you would like to collaborate, sponsor, or partner with WORD please leave a comment so we can chat! We would love to collaborate and cross-promote to help others as well. Thank you all so much ❤

You can make a contribution here: www.wordasbond.org/support-word



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