money is not real

Money Isn’t Real

monetary system quote by Henry Ford

By Trina Otero

Money is a human idea. It isn’t real. It is a thing we give meaning to, yet it isn’t free and it can be destroyed. It is a tool used to keep masses working within a framework, within a system. Like any tool, we have the choice how we want to use it. Do you know what cannot be destroyed and is free? ENERGY. Think about that. And it is so very real and can be used as a tool. It can be used as currency as well… How will you use this tool? – T.O.

You can watch this documentary if you’d like to learn more about the monetary system — Thrive

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In that case, why not vibrate at Love or above?

In that case, why not vibrate at Love or above?

One thought on “Money Isn’t Real

  1. Dewin Nefol says:

    ‘Men know not how great a revenue frugality is’ ~ Cicero

    ‘Service is our destiny in life or in death. Then let it be my choice, living to serve the living, and be fretted uncomplainingly. If I can assure myself of doing service, I will have my home within.’ ~ G.Meredith

    DN – 11/05/2014


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