Word as bond, indianapolis

How You Can Support Young Writers!

Word as Bond, Inc, Indianapolis, Indiana

By Trina Otero

Hi all! If you prefer to watch and listen to me rather than read, click on my video below! 🙂 I am taking some time to share a project I am involved in. My very good friend Ashley Mack-Jackson and her friend Rashida Greene have invited me to join the board of directors for their nonprofit Word as Bond, Inc [WORD]. They became official last year. WORD is a nonprofit in Indianapolis, Indiana, dedicated to serving young writers [and adults!] through FREE creative writing workshops. Right now our first project is putting together a team of young poets and prepping them for Brave New Voices, which is an international youth poetry slam being held in Philadelphia this year! BNV is more than a competition — it is a festival — from July 16-20. [[How awesome is it that BNV has been featured on HBO?!]] BNV has never had a team from Indiana, so our team is the first! This is very exciting! We will begin our workshops in May to mentor, train and prep the young writers for the competition. This is why I am reaching out to my readers and fellow writers 😀 I am hoping you will give consideration on supporting our cause! I don’t care if it is one penny, two pennies, 50 cents! Any contribution counts and is an awesome energy exchange. We are encouraging for $10 donations, because just $10 can go a long way! You can also reblog this for me, share this post, share our website, share our funding link…. all of this is beautiful and a form of contribution. I appreciate all of your support! I am so excited about this… it is AMAZING to see these young writers and their talents. I cannot wait until I have permission to share their videos and other things because these kids are just too cool. No lie! 🙂

Word as Bond     WORD’s FB Page     Donate to WORD     Brave New Voices



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