Full moon, lunar eclipse April 15, 2014

Death, Birth & Restoring Balance with Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra

By Trina Otero

Yesterday and today have been intense for me. I have had a weird sensation hanging around me since last night, and I already knew I was picking up on the lunar vibes. Friends told me this one would be a doozey, and after most of today played out…my first reaction was, “Hell yes!” But after sitting back and reflecting on things, I felt lead to look up the forecast for this full moon. And, I’m glad I did! It makes perfect sense to me..

After reading the excerpts from Mystic Mamma [and hopefully you will read the full report on the site], I want you to ask yourself this: Will I freak out and view this as scary, or will I allow this energy to propel me into a beautiful transformation?

If you like mantras, you might like my current fave — Gayatri Mantra. It’s a prayer for illumination.

May the Light guide you.

This Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Libra brings the focus to our relationships and the dynamics in our relationships, for relationships are the looking-glass through which we can see ourselves…

What are we needing to see within the dynamics being reflected? Where does balance need to be restored?

Witness and feel the clarity and freedom that seeing brings…

Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from the most tuned in readers of the planetary movements.

First from the wonderful Cathy Pagano from her Wisdom of Astrology:

“Our sense of self-identity (Aries) can only be fully known when we relate to someone else (Libra). With the Moon in Libra, we need to remember to have our own Aries standpoint when we relate to others… True balance comes when each person stands on their own side of the scale.

“Our Libra sensibility is how we create good relationships. Both partners’ needs can be met if we learn how to compromise. And compromise means knowing where you stand.

“That’s the awareness we can get from this eclipsed Full Moon. Lunar eclipses give us the awareness to bring a situation to an end.

“While the Sun’s light is blocked by the Earth’s shadow, our unconscious motivations and desires are more easily felt. Without the constraints of our ‘shoulds and oughts’, perhaps we can find clarity and healing of our relationship wounds now…”

“This lunar eclipse occurs within the womb of the Cardinal Grand Cross that is perfecting this week… As these Powers turn the cosmic wheel, new energies will be available for us to use in our lives and for our world.

“So this month stay awake, have faith, be brave and face death. A new birth is upon us…a collective yearning for something better to arise in our world…”

“It is a potent combination that gives rise to Wisdom. Keep in touch with your dreams and let them guide you through any turbulent waters you come across. This is the time of resurrection and new life. Send your love into the future.”

© Copyright 2014 ~ Cathy Pagano. All Rights Reserved

From astrologer Divine Harmony:

“When planets are stationary their energies dominate- so with Pluto stationary right before the eclipse the images of the snake shedding it’s skin or the phoenix rising out of the ashes is strong.

“We are in a powerful time where we are asked to look at what is no longer working in our lives- where is the old skin stuck and inhibiting our further growth.

“Where are we surrounded by things/people/situations/ attitudes that are actually toxic and need to be burned in the fire, so we can rebirth ourselves like the phoenix does? The month of April is very much supportive of doing this work!

“…Aries is the sign of the self and Libra is the sign of the other. We have a lot of astrology focusing on this polarity and duality right now- forcing us to address where we are imbalanced in our lives.

“If we overdo our Aries we are fiery, feisty, aggressive, conflictual and selfish. If we overdo our Libra we are pacifist, have boundary issues, are codependent and cannot stand up for or take care of ourselves.

“This Full Moon Eclipse in Libra will definitely highlight any imbalances in relationships…Ultimately evolution and wholeness is achieved when we integrate our opposites and take back projections we have put onto others so that we can live them for ourselves…”

“To add to the potency of this configuration we have Ceres- the Great Mother asteroid, and Vesta- the priestess asteroid, conjunct the Full Moon in Libra- again bringing Light to the archetypal energy of the Divine Feminine in collective consciousness…”

“I feel this lunation to be a call to the Divine Feminine within all of us- a wake up call to service and our role as priestesses and priests of the Great Mother. In case you have not noticed, we are doing horrible things to our planet (our Mother Earth!) and in some insane fashion we have decided money and power is more important than health and harmony. We need a rebalancing of the scales- and we needed it yesterday! This eclipse can make that very clear in no uncertain terms- it’s time to make a change for the better!”

“This lunation is also conjunct the evolutionary North Node- pulling us towards our growth and evolution. Eclipses are already about our evolution and growth, but when we have the nodes involved that focus is amplified. With the Moon on the North Node and the Sun on the South Node- we have an opportunity to look at our karmic past and patterns we keep playing out, as well as our evolution and growth and the edge we need to push past.

“This lunation gives us the perfect opportunity to let go of the past and move into the future- but it will not be without some hard work on our part! To add to that, the Lunar Eclipse is also conjunct a powerful fixed star called Arcturus. This fixed star is seen as giving us a ‘different approach‘- which honestly I think we need as the one we are working with is clearly not working! “

“…Wherever this lunation falls in your chart, you have significant opportunities to die to some old aspect of yourself and your life and rebirth something new in it’s place. But this is also the area of your chart where you may be avoiding doing the work- so the total lunar eclipse may have to drag it up into your awareness so that you can deal with it. Similar to pluto transits- lunar eclipse energies are best worked with consciously.

“If you are proactive about your transformation and take initiative in facilitating and making the changes in your life you need to make- then the Universe tends to reward you and support you. That is how you take a breakdown and turn it into a breakthrough- the key word is to “break” from the past patterns and ways of doing/being that no longer serve.

“In any event, this lunation will be one to see! It will be visible in Australia, the Pacific Ocean (and islands) and the Americas. Some say the countries that are able to see the eclipse are the ones that will experience the effects of it most. The eclipse will last 3 1/2 hours, of which 1 hour and 18 minutes will be the total lunar eclipse.”

© Copyright 2014 ~ Divine Harmony. All Rights Reserved

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3 thoughts on “Death, Birth & Restoring Balance with Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra

    • akosmopolite says:

      I could not see a thing! It was cloudy and raining! But I felt extremely emotional and found myself thinking about certain things, especially after I looked at my birth chart to see where Libra falls in my chart (the 5th house). It made perfect sense and I found myself praying while relaxing and detoxing in a hot salt bath. Much was brought to the surface for me to review and surrender or release. 🙂 I feel completely balanced today, so I believe last night was good for me! Hope you’re well too 🙂


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