The Art of Surrender

By Trina Otero

Surrender is a beautiful thing ❤

May the Light guide you.

Journey of Awakening


Today was a beautiful day in the mountains where I live with the sun shining and birds singing. I spent most of my day with fellow flameworkers, who work with hot glass on a torch. It was the perfect day to create something beautiful inglass reflecting this wonderful day in spring.  It has been almost six months since I last flameworked, so I felt a little rusty at it.

As I began to create my piece, I very much wanted to control everything about my creation.  As you can imagined, the glass refused to cooperate, and I needed to start over.  As I began again, I consciously shut off the left side of my brain, the side that wants to control, that wants to repeat procedures, and that wants to this process done quickly.  As I shut off the left side of my brain, I began to feel relaxed, I…

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