True love vs. dysfunction

True Love Vs. Dysfunction

true love vs dysfunction

By Trina Otero

Hey lovers, let’s remind ourselves of this. The battle between Fear & Love is “real.” Ugh, damn duality. You could say it’s like the way between good and evil. Light and Dark. But it’s real, and until you learn how to transform your fears into Love, you will need to continually, actively choose Love (literally choosing Love but also choosing Love-based thoughts, speech and action) every single damn minute. Day. Week. Month. Dysfunction is your fear. Your old patterns. Your doubts. Your complacency. Dysfunction is people who take advantage of you and don’t value you, so they come around when it’s convenient. They don’t love you through your lows, when you’re broke, annoying, mad, unhealthy. They disappear like fog in the mornings. True Love is gentle, healing, kind, tough, fierce, honest, constant, real, understanding, patient. Love will envelope you in mercy but will also kick your ass with Truth. But don’t confuse Love with dysfunction. Dysfunction only feeds more dysfunction and confusion, while Love starves it and demands it to leave.

You see, we cannot change those who live in dysfunction. They must learn that they are responsible for their own actions. And we must make sure we are being responsible for ours. Everything else, leave it up to Prime Creator.

You do not need to change yourself to be loved, recognized, or accepted. You do not need to do things to prove that you deserve someone’s love. You do not need to change anything at all. Love does not have a list of requirements. Real Love just is, and will accept you no matter what. True Love will accept you regardless of your physical appearance, your IQ, your material possessions, the job you do or don’t have, the income you have (or don’t), the manners you have acquired or are still learning. The moods you display. The foods you eat. Real, True Love sees you in all your glory — Real Love shows you that you are worthy, even when you cannot see yourself and do not believe you are worthy enough. So stop trying to be approved and accepted by others; stop thinking you need to do X, Y, Z in order to receive their attention. Real Love sees you from the start and never fades. It never falters, and it never demands you to prove anything. ❤

In Light and Love.
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