Shadow self

Bring Forward Your Shadows

“Bring forward your shadows. Your dark side. Because once the Light pierces the slightest of surfaces you will see them disappear, dissipate, vanish. Illusions. They were always Illusions.” – T.O.

2 thoughts on “Bring Forward Your Shadows

  1. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Trina,

    A beautiful image…I have heard it said that falling shafts of Light are the fingers of the Goddess reaching down to caress the Earth and draw her children to her…

    Beneath the clods of earth,
    On heavy long-closed lids,
    Something begins to follow
    Like an upward, outward surge
    Towards an unseen Sun;
    And the eyes washed clean
    Cleared and cleaved and
    Finally opened to the very source of Light and Love.


    DN – 15/04/14


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