Destined soulmates

Tied Balloon Strings: The Destiny of Two Hearts

By Trina Otero

When I closed my eyes I saw my Love standing beside me. He told me he would show me a clear picture — he brushed away rubbish from the surface of what looked like a large piece of glass, a window of some sorts. We both looked down into this “window” and the scene unfolded….

Scrying with water, Akosmopolite Image from

There was a big tree with many branches reaching high into the sky. On one branch I could see two pieces of string independently tied side by side around the branch. This fascinated me — I noticed the strings trailed off into two different directions. I followed one of the strings and found a little bear holding onto the other end of the string, which was tied to a red balloon. He held onto the balloon tightly with his left hand as he walked along on a different branch, but he was following the string to find the end. The end where I had just came from. Somehow I was able to fly to the other string to see where this led…and I found another bear, a female, holding closely to her the end of the string with a red balloon. She also held this in her left hand and she was following her string to find its end. The scene quickly changed. I saw the two bears sitting together on the branch where the strings were tied side by side. They were looking out past the tree, their arms over each others’ shoulders in an embrace, balloons floating by their sides.

Image from Image from
two red balloons in a tree Image from

My Love turned to me and said, “You see…the whole time the other bear was up ahead waiting, closer to where the strings were tied to the branch. It did not matter where on the path he or she was… Their hearts were already together. Tied together. Resting together. Their destiny was already there. They just had to keep walking, following their hearts, to figure it out.”

I hope you enjoy and contemplate on the symbolism here 🙂 Also check this out — Bear as Spirit Animal/Bear MedicineBear meaning.

Namaste, T.O.


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One thought on “Tied Balloon Strings: The Destiny of Two Hearts

  1. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Trina,
    Howa are you?
    Another beautifully warm and deeply feeling post, rich in visual imagery and overlaid with keen insight and literal symbolism.
    As I followed the scarlet thread to ascend and descend the Cosmic Tree reaching from Earth high beyond the clouds so I too found myself lost in the near-dreaminess of the words and all to eager to know where the threads would finally take me.
    First there was the male bear, diligently waiting on the branch of the Cosmic Tree and searching for the end of the thread that would take him towards Love. I watched as his swollen red balloon floated on the breeze and sensed his longing for Her. And then as I flew with you towards the female bear, I felt the warmth of recognition between you almost as if you truly knew her and had a deep and intuitive sense of belonging to her.
    In the moment they were sitting side by side with one arm each holding the other I experienced their warmth and tenderness for each other, and felt their hearts begin to fuse. I looked up to watch the two red balloons nestling together the one pulling the other closer, their touch was still so light, no more than the sweetest caress, and yet there was an intimacy and yearning for more. And then his voice, so calming and gentle like the feint whisper of wind through the tree led her thoughts onwards towards knowing of the harmonious union to come when two hearts, two souls, two spirits will melt together to become one.
    DN – 01/04/14


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