Alan Watts on Akosmopolite

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Death

By Trina Otero

Please sit back or lay down. Grab some earphones or earbuds if you can. Enjoy a glass a wine. Or not. Just relax and listen :).



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12 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Fear Death

  1. Dewin Nefol says:

    Namaste Akosmopolite,

    We meet again, but this time under a video blog of the shimmering heavens…:)

    Our emergence on Earth was always the result of having arrived here from within a Cloud of Life that flowed upon rivers of divine solar winds through the universe to land on a distant star. And it is where we shall return again one day when our moment of existence in this material realm comes to an end. All we truly are is dust in the wind.

    Our time on this Earth is both ephemeral and temporary and the particles of our body merely borrowed for the extended moment to give consciousness a construct in which to take form. We are restricted in that way by the physical structure of our being. We are energetic molecules vibrating at a certain frequency range undergoing an experience of fusion which describes our physical form. Those molecules are in turn subject to the same laws of entropy, dissipation, absorbtion, and reconfigauration as all other matter in the closed universe. All matter is individsible, in its essence and state of being, it is infinite potential, it can become whatever is willed by God through our imagination and whatever is seen in reality by the limited faculties of our perception. Outside the range of vibrational frequencies that out mind can see, exists matter configured in ways that are currently unknown by our rational mind. But these forms are seen by our imagination which is God’s playful mind within us: the fissure he opens up in our perception to witness revelation and creative inspiration.

    New life flows from the future following a cessation of something having taken material form in the past, but this is not cause and effect, it is a natural order to existence. Our own existence therefore ‘happens’ in the immediacy of the moment at a point where infinity stretches equally in front and behind us. Time doesn’t exist as a quantifiable entity, only a period of existence takes place and that in itself is dictated by the speed at which nature flows. That we exist at all is the greatest miracle in this universe, the incalculable number of fortuitous events that gave rise to us is impossible for the human mind to even consider. We have no control of how long our physical body will remain in its present form, nor indeed do we have control over the form our physical body will take. To sustain our life, we eat, we breathe and our heart keeps beating. Everything else beyond that is subject to physical laws and the individual choices we make to occupy our time on Earth, and that constitues free will: we are able to decide what we choose to do with the period of ‘time’ our body is given before a cessation of physical being takes place. And it is what we choose to do with that time, and the manner in which we carry out those activities which is of the utmost importance to our fellow man.

    Consciousness is not so confined by physicality, it exists independently of the body and outside of our mind. Consciousness is also infinite potential. It is the word of God being revealed to us through the apparatus of our mind. We are always in communion with God for we are a part of God, and as such our thoughts are (can be) transcendantal.

    Upon the cessation of our life the elemental parts of our material body are returned back to the universe through a process of absorbption, and dissipation and become the building blocks for new life to exist in the material realm. The state of eternity exists in as much that our consciousness lives on in the hearts and minds of those we loved and in the legacies that we leave behind, but it is the molecules that once constituted our physical bodies that will through an endlessly repeating cycle of birth, death and rebirth join other molecules and give rise to a synthesis of new forms. It is quite possible therefore to imagine that the component parts of the 70 billion other souls who have previously walked this Earth continue to form a part of those alive today.

    If all life has emerged from one single origin and hence from the mind of one consciousness and continues to exist from the same point in tme through a procession of birth, death, and rebirth then truly we are all part of that one mind and exist within a collective consciousness. Many have alluded to mankind’s singular origin and some also to the form of consciusness that existed to bring about life by comparing the existential nature of our species to the physical properties inherant within a hologramatic image. If one were to shatter a holgram, every shard, every splinter and every piece of it would contain the entire image of that hologram, suggesting that no piece truly operates independently of any other piece but remains always a summation of the whole. It is similar in fact to suggesting that one finds the entire universe captured within one grain of sand, or the entire ocean is held within the one drop of water. Nothing is truly independent, but all is part of one huge inextricably interwoven web of life that is intself just one expression of God’s wondrous voice exisiting within the realm of our perceived experience. As a species we are a hologramatic entity: we all breathe air, bleed if we are cut, stand erect, are subject to the same law of gravity, and maintain a distinct similarity in our basic physiology. What continues to differentiate us are the thoughts, philosophies, ideas and notions that are all constructed by man and not God. Considering our uniquely singular origin, it is a great pity that such diversity exists when it is expressed with such forceful determination so as to fracture and divide us all. The creation of ideas is a truly wondrous affair, but why do so with the intention of creating division.

    We all live out our life at the exact same point in nature’s continued flow, and it is called the ‘now’, the ‘present’ and we are each charged with considering every split second of it as being the greatest miracle that we shall ever bear witness to. So ask yourself the question:

    ‘Did whatever ‘force’ that gave rise to the universe do so with the intention of being able to look out upon the splendour of its creation through its own eyes?’ And if so, what did it ask us to see?

    And so it is that I believe my flowing, ephemeral and deeply spiritual romance with the universe will always remain both within the bosom of God’s Love and in the collective consciousness of mankind: both are eternally interconnected. I believe that my ‘prima material’ will also remain an eternal aspect of this one universe and will continue to become the building blocks of a self perpetuating cycle of existence. I may die but my molecules live on. After-all, God could never give up his Love for any of his creations so easily so as to let a cessation of life disappear altogether from the universe.

    I hope you are feeling more at peace and have found support in the celestial spheres where Love and Light are eternal.

    Namaste Trina.

    DN – 30/03/14


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