Why is the Path so Straight & Narrow?

By Trina Otero

Alone time is so vital for the Self. There are many distractions to break focus from your path. It takes discipline and dedication to remember what you need (not what you want) and to stick to it. If you have given dedication and time to goals, whether they are educational, professional, personal or for fun, then you understand a certain mindset. You must also realize your Self needs this same amount of effort, even more. We allow so much to distract us to the point where we don’t even know who we are. We don’t know what we want. We don’t know our purpose. We don’t know why we have so much baggage. You will find all your answers once you set aside time for your Self and limit the things that take up your “time.” Once you start with your Self then you can turn to the world, see it differently and begin making those footprints you are destined to. The world is a result of our collective consciousness and the only way it will change for the better is if each and every one of us starts with our Self first.

Dedication. Focus. Discipline. Self control. Awareness.



What is a distraction?

A distraction is anything that keeps you from asking yourself the deepest questions to understand yourself. A distraction is anything that keeps you from being silent, from staying home alone, from researching, asking others questions, reflecting, praying, and meditating. A distraction keeps you from understanding your Self.

Popular distractions: partying, TV, drugs, drinking, sex, dating on and off with no alone time, hanging with people everyday, social media, etc. Literally anything can be used as a distraction. That is why you must know the INTENT behind what you do.

A really good way to learn on your own if you are distracting yourself from alone time is to ask yourself “why” before you do anything. Ask yourself what your intent is behind your action or decision. Are you about to do something because you are bored? If you are bored, that means you feel like you have idle time and nothing to do…which means you can use this time to do something for your Self to improve your mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or physical health. To enrich your life.

Are you about to date someone because it makes you feel wanted and good about yourself? Ask yourself why it makes you feel that way in the first place. Why do you feel like you need to be with someone to feel wanted and to have self confidence? You should feel this way all the time, regardless if you have a partner or not. Are you about to date someone to get over a broken heart? This won’t work….

Why are you about to have sex with this person? Why are you about to drink that alcohol? Why are you going to that party? Why are you calling that guy? Why are you saying the things you say?

Just ask yourself Why. And be honest with yourself. Be honest. Know the reasons behind every action you do. Every word you speak. Don’t be afraid to turn things down so that you can stay home and comfort yourself. To soothe your heart. To practice your guitar. To paint on a canvas. To pray. To write in a journal. To watch a movie alone. Take care of yourself first!

Don’t hesitate to ask your Self, “How do I feel today?” When you feel a certain way…… take time to explore why you feel that emotion. You will be surprised how deep you can go. You will be surprised by the answers… but these answers will set you free. 

May the Light guide you.


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