Connection to the Universe, Akosmopolite

My Landline to the Universe

By Trina Otero

Carlito is my bridge to the other side. He’s my personal connection to the rest of the Universe. I have been thinking a lot since his passing. I have also felt an array of emotions that have led to spontaneous crying and then laughing. But they are just emotions flowing forth… I have sat in silence. I continue to sit in silence and just be. And in this short time I have heard so much. He has shown me so much in such short “time.” Because of his passing, the veil has been lifted even further from my eyes and I see the Universe in all its glory. I can feel the connection to It. To him. To you. To all of you. Knowing rushes to me and it is hard to put into words, so I have not written and I have not spoken much to anyone. It’s hard to describe. It’s just a knowing. It’s a feeling. It’s a state of be-ing. My choice of words may seem so odd to some of you, while others will know exactly what I mean. It is just too complex and simple all at the same time, and you must experience it to know. Carlito has opened up a door I never did. I have opened so many doors myself and was born into knowing and remembering parts of Truth, but I have never had a direct line to the existence outside of Earth [in this lifetime]. My childhood pet Tiger was very dear to me and he has shown himself in dreams and visions to guide me at times, but this is somehow different. I have fuzzy memories of angels and guides, but Carlito and his energy are still so crystal clear. Recognizable. I remember all of him. His personality, his mannerisms, his energy, his heart. And because of that I immediately recognize divine signs and synchronicities. Because he is showing me. Somehow he is a part of That. You may be thinking, huh? But see.. We are all connected. We are all part of the Universe so he is a part of the ebb and flow just like you and I are. He is a part of everything here on Earth and he is all of the stars burning brightly above us. Now he knows everything he was seeking here, everything he was asking me.. And he is keeping this direct line to God open for me. It is phenomenal and mind blowing all at once. I’ve been speechless and honestly want to remain silent so I can continue to hear more. So perhaps I’ll let my lips move less and allow my fingers to do it all.



5 thoughts on “My Landline to the Universe

  1. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hi Trina,

    I promised a reply to this posting, and didn’t want to let you down 🙂

    It is the grace of Love that moves inside of you to melt your heart with compassion. It is the serene voice of God that brings Hope to your mind. In-between, is the song of angels to lift you into the higher realms to be with him in spirit. And it is through Carlito’s eyes that you are able to glimpse the majesty of his new home. Carlito is now at one with the Creator of all things, he sees and feels all that God sees and feels, he is everywhere and nowhere, and a part of everything that is, was and ever shall be. He knows, as you do now, that he is able to reach down and touch you, be with you, protect and love you and offer you comfort at anytime of his choosing. And he will never be far away when there is so much love flowing around him, when there was so much love between you in his heart.

    Our spirit is not born of this world, but arrives at the will of God to take host in our physical body. At birth it is the hand of God that reaches for your infant’s brow and confides in you the true secrets of all that will ever be. At that time we have ear’s that may not hear, eyes that may not see, and a voice that still finds no sound. In childhood we hang on to the mystery of our birth, but as we grow life finds a way of involving itself to readily in our thoughts. During times of immense emotional upheaval we return through grief to a state of childlike innocence and are again readily able to reach for the greater Spirit of God who is there to offer his counsel and Love. That we find ourselves in this position readily casting off the experiences of a life that have cast a shadow over our innocence is not a bad thing, we still retain the wisdom from having lived the years in-between, and are therefore able to retain our understanding of such huge events from a more informed perspective, and that in turn allows us to listen, see, and give voice to the experience of encountering God. And from that nourishment we grow in wisdom.

    You have already been spiritually awakened, and now through Carlito’s passing you have been permitted to go far further, and to experience the totality of existence, to be a part of everything. It is an epiphany Trina, at once both scintillating and exhilarating but yet so humbling in its majesty that we are moved more deeply than at any other time in our life and crying is the only way of expressing such bliss. Human beings are very unaccustomed and understandably so ill equipped to be so illuminated, to witness such a revelation, or behold such a vision of the divine. If you were to cut your arm, a tree would bleed! If you were to see the wind, you’d feel it like the spider’s web feels it, as God feels it. God/Carlito have opened your senses so that you might know what splendour awaits you, awaits us all at the end of days. In Carlito’s passing you were specially chosen by him to see further, deeper than the millions of other people on this planet, and in that you must find solace and peace. One gets the feeling that there is reason beyond his desire to see you happy again, that there is a bigger purpose in opening up your direct channel to God. There is I am certain a deeper message that has been left for you, something profound and immensely inspiring. In time I’m sure you will hear more, know more, see more, and understand the wisdom in the manner of his parting.

    When one is drawn by some inexplicable force to bear witness to something so phenomenal there must be a reason. I will not go into detail here (I am happy to share my experience with you by email?), but I had a similar experience to that which you describe in your posting at 6.57am on February 16th that left me bewildered, amazed, euphoric, anxious, uncertain, certain, displaced and altogether psychologically dislocated! I am still not up to speed with it as yet, but immediately following the experience I embarked on the Blog site and through that have started to meet some truly wonderful and very special people in this world who each bring with them gifts and blessings knowledge and wisdom, compassion, empathy, and love of humanity. When one talks of synchronicity, I know and understand exactly what you mean. You will now find more and more moments where synchronous events take place in your life because you are able to see them taking place. From the people you meet, to the opportunities that suddenly occur, the phenomenon will begin to influence your life in some quite outstanding ways. But not all will be of benefit to you for She is a tricky Muse. One has to learn to be discerning, and yet still remain open-minded, and in communion with God J

    Trina, I hope that as the days roll-by, the pain slowly subsides whilst the happiness and love in your heart crystallises. Grief is a strange fruit, but also a beautiful emotion, it can sadden and sink the heart, and yet it has a power to bring forward the happiest of thoughts as a celebration of a life and all that it contained until finally it grows to sustain the memory of a person that lives on forever. And it is here in your heart where Carlito finds his slice of heaven. Your heart and God’s heart are one, and in that nest of love, Carlito is held in the sweetest embrace of all.


    DN – 30/03/14


    • akosmopolite says:

      Thank you, Dewin, for your kind words. 🙂 I appreciate it. I understand you, and I have had many epiphanies before and fully understand the experience of being “in the flow” and how wonderful the synchronicities are. I call this “magic” :). I guess from his passing, it has given me a whole NEW perspective. A completely different way of experiencing, knowing, seeing, hearing the Universe. Like you said…it is taking me FURTHER than I already am. Other than this I have no other way to describe this in words, and I have been very quiet lately and have preferred not to talk to many people. I am enjoying the “silence.” It is a rush of knowing, so loud yet so silent. 🙂 Thank you, namaste.


      • Dewin Nefol says:

        Thank you Trina 🙂

        Fly freely and go where your heart takes you.
        Fly freely and go where you are called.
        Fly freely and go where you are destined,
        Fly freely and to a place called home.


        DN – 31/03/14


    • akosmopolite says:

      Hello 🙂 thank you for stopping by and reading! 🙂 Sindy (Sue) sent me to you! I don’t know if I said that already lol. She sent me to a few and it was late so I don’t know how many times I mentioned her or didn’t mention her lol. Thank you again ❤ Namaste,


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