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The Real Deal About Being Healthy

By Trina Otero

When people think of being healthy, they automatically think of exercising, dieting, and eating tons of stuff they think will be gross. [[Ring the alarms]] Wrong. Health is MULTI-FACETED. Think of health as a pie [yum!]. One slice is the mind, one slice is the body, and one slice is the spirit. And of course, you could actually break this down even further, but these main three pieces are what makes us whole. Being healthy is more than just thinking positively and having clarity. Being healthy is more than just running on a treadmill a couple times a week. Being healthy is more than eating your greens. Being healthy is more than saying a prayer at night before bed.

You have to tend to every aspect — your mind, your body, and your spirit — to be fully healthy. To be whole. And I’m not going to lie, it takes work! It takes mindfulness. But… you deserve it. You deserve to be healthy!

Here at Akosmopolite I hope to share as much information as I can that will provide tips, resources, and advice on how to be holistically healthy. I do my best to live a conscious life, and I’m always looking to improve, to grow. I also make sure I set aside me time for my mind, body, and spirit. On top of that, I have AMAZING friends who are gurus in their fields and interests! I can’t wait to share their stuff. Some are already here on my site, and I look forward to sharing more. 🙂

To see what I have going on already, check out the following categories:

Advice & Guidance

Chakra Detox Challenge

Conscious Living


Info Kept From You

Spiritual Evolution

Recipes [Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Etc.]


Be Healthy. Be Strong. ☼ Oh, and Happy Spring Equinox! 🙂

May the Light guide you.
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2 thoughts on “The Real Deal About Being Healthy

  1. mariposaevolution says:

    Yeah! Strong in Mind, Body & Spirit!!!!

    —> Love how you dressed up like that picture… you know what picture I am talking about though I don’t know what it’s called. The strong woman during the world war. Funny but she is actually in my purse today. I will IG a picture to you 🙂

    Have a wonderful week!


    • akosmopolite says:

      Oh my goodness, lol, I must have been so sleepy earlier that I didn’t see this notification! Yea, Annie the Riveter I believe is her name 🙂 I did a mini magazine spread my senior year for an idea I had about women. Misconception about women. Wow, I can finally showcase it… On my blog in the women empowerment series 🙂 Thanks Soul Sis! ❤


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