A Picture Quote from Doreen Virtue

Video: Speaking & Standing In Your Truth

By Trina Otero

This week this topic seemed to continue to surface for myself and friends, and I had a family member reach out for advice. So after I helped him I felt like I might as well share my thoughts and experiences with all of you. ❤ So what is “speaking your truth?”

Speaking your truth is about being completely honest and honoring your feelings (whatever they may be), but doing it in a kind way. There’s a difference between demanding, threatening, yelling, and harsh tones and calmly, firmly, and kindly sharing your feelings and how you would like to be respected. You have no control over how the person responds – if they love you they will receive you, respect you, and talk about it – and at least you are being true to your Self.

There’s a difference between being loving and being a doormat. If someone is continually disrespecting you and your feelings then you have to speak your truth, meaning firmly stand up for yourself and let this person know how you would like to be treated. This person will choose to respect and honor your self-worth and wishes or not. At this point it is up to you how you want to proceed. Because, yes, if someone is continually disregarding you, using you, etc, then yes at this point you are allowing them to abuse you and drain you. You have to set boundaries. Do you want to even talk to them? How often? Or if they are so toxic then yes, it is ok to feel like you need to walk away. There is totally a difference in being loving and helping people who want to be helped and who receive your love, and those that continually reject your love and just take, take, take from you. ❤



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