Unconditional Lovers should not doubt their gift

Video: A Message for True Lovers

By Trina Otero

If you are a Lover, a loving soul who shares unconditional love, and you find yourself questioning yourself and your essence with nonsensical things like, “Why do I have to be so vulnerable?”; “Why do I do this every time?”; “I wish I didn’t love so much.. ” ; “People take advantage of my kindness.. ” then you need to stop right now. Stop questioning yourself. Do you not realize that is exactly what you were intended to do? Do you not realize that you are here TO LOVE? Have you not realized the current state of our world and the insurmountable lack of Love? Wars are being waged; violent protests are being pursued; bullying is encouraged thru many forms of media & peers; promiscuity is glorified, especially in the media; the US govt has gone to shit; dishonesty runs rampant because so many are afraid to speak their truth; broken homes, families, and relationships are on the rise because there is such a lack of awareness, resources, and role models. I mean…HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are a Lover, then never feel sorry for loving. You are here to do just that! Step into your Purpose and own it. Be it. Live it!  Namaste. [If you are wondering where the fine line is between being loving and being a doormat, check out this post and video!]


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