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The Truth About Love

By Trina Otero

The truth’s always been Love. It was, has been, and will always be Love. If you have studied at least a few different religions you will recognize a universal theme — Love. Because of different cultural lens and understandings, the way Love and the path to a love-filled life may be explained differently [hence different texts, religions, etc.], but the whole point is we all agree upon Love.

“…Every major religion of the world has similar ideals of love, the same goal of benefiting humanity through spiritual practice, and the same effect of making their followers into better human beings.” — The Dalai Lama

Many seem to have forgotten about the importance of Love. Many have forgotten about the power of Love. There have been leaders who lived to show humanity what True Love is; Jesus Christ was one of them. I like to talk about Jesus — not because I choose to appeal to Christians but because everyone seems to have heard of him. This man showed numerous examples of what Love IS. Many misconstrue Love as an emotion — some think it’s a simple emotion while others find it complicated. But Love is more than that! Love is a way of life.

Love is how you choose to speak to a person. Do you think before you speak? Do you speak out of anger, jealousy, bitterness? Or do you take time to breathe and speak in a way to where your words do not harm the other?

Love is how you act. Do you show your kindness to others? Are you selfless to your partner? Do you ignore people when you are hurt or do you make sure your emotions do not affect your actions? Do you embrace your loved ones with hugs or with the back of your hand?

Love is how you choose to think. Do you allow yourself to doubt self and others? Do you express gratitude for what you have? Do you wish harm on others or say silent prayers for loved ones and those in need?

Love is seeing the beauty within yourself. Love is taking the time to explore yourself — to discover pains buried deep in your heart that need to be released. To discover hobbies that bring you joy. To discover what brings you peace.

“Love is everything. Show “strangers” love; they are friends you haven’t met yet. Show your friends love; they will appreciate your heart and sincerity. Show your family love; because that is what family is built upon. Show your partner love; he/she will open up like a blossoming flower and fill your heart and soul with the most beautiful fragrance.” — T.O. 

Love heals. It is the highest form of vibration. Don’t believe me? Then go do something you love and afterwards describe to me how you felt while doing it. I bet you were lost in the moment, not worrying, not crying, not doubting, not holding anger. I bet you were smiling. I bet you felt warmth or peace wash over you. These are some ways to describe what the Love frequency feels like.

Loving ourselves and others brings us peace, understanding, joy, healing, unity, comfort. We are literally walking, talking beings with the capability to emit the most powerful energy. The most powerful remedy. The most powerful “weapon.” This is not hippy talk, this is a scientifically-proven, spiritually-known universal truth that has been talked about since language and writing was discovered.

love heals

If this is such ancient knowledge, then why are we existing the way we are today? Why have we forgotten? There are many answers to these questions…….and I’m not here to point fingers. I am here to inspire. To awaken. To love. And I hope this resonates with someone, somewhere…so that you can go out and use your power…to inspire and awaken someone else. If all of us grasped this truth and implemented Love into our lives, our world would become very different. Wars are unnecessary. Violence in the streets are unnecessary. Fights between lovers are unnecessary. Hate is unnecessary. Humans have been doing that for centuries..and we are witnessing the decay of our morality, our society, our human rights, and our Earth. It is time for a change. A loving change. A peaceful change. All the violence, fighting, and wars are due to pain…unresolved emotions,  burdens, greed and ego/pride. Every human being is hurt from at least one past experience and people are just spewing their pain onto someone else, and the other is just regurgitating their emotional mess right back. So many people do not want to wake up, take ownership for their emotions and actions, work to heal these deep-rooted pains, and move forward with understanding and Love. But this IS necessary. This is completely necessary for the evolution of humanity and our planet.

Politics will have to be another topic one day 😉 For now, let’s just focus on self-evolution. Once we can conquer this…then there is a chance for self-actualized, enlightened, wise people to stand up and help fix the current political mess we are in. Matter of fact, there are some right now [Lightworkers] capable of doing this…but you must have your eyes open to see/find these people….



will you be ready for love by Michael Xavier


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5 thoughts on “The Truth About Love

  1. BloomLisa says:

    What a beautiful & inspired post. You should read, The Shack by William P. Young if you are interested in exploring the relationship of love & Jesus Christ. I was living insource energy for days after I finished it, connected to bliss that doesn’t end.


  2. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Trina,

    I’ve sat here and read my way through this several time. I’ve no words to compare with your thoughts. It is just simply Divine 🙂

    God Bless

    DN – 04/04/14


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