Interview with William Brian Butler

William Brian Butler, you are a true hero and Lightworker.

The injustice and inhumane acts against the Aboriginal people in Australia shock and disgust me. I don’t understand how these human beings justified or found it “correct” in their mind to rape, torture, terrorize, deceive, enslave, uproot, separate, belittle, and even sterilize other human beings because they are different. Equality for ALL must be achieved. A global revolution is needed.

“We have to understand all of these things first and you then have to then link it back, right back to the colonial days, to the invasion to where the colonialists came in and terrorised the Aboriginal groups as they moved across this land. You know people talk about terrorism today, in 2012 the foreign countries, America and the rest of the world, the sorts of terrorism that we are seeing on televisions and through the press today are no different to the terror that was experienced by our mothers, by those mothers when their children were being taken away from them. There is no difference, the terrorism that was experienced by those tribes when the troopers came in and shot all those people and poisoned their watering holes, and poisoned their flour, sugar and tea. The Coniston massacre in 1926 in the Northern Territory is in my mind forever. Then down on the west coast when the troopers herded all those people over the cliff into the Great Australian Bight. There are numerous stories about the atrocities that happened to the Aboriginal people in Tasmania as well. Think of the terror that those people experienced. So when I hear or see on television about some of the terrorist activities overseas it doesn’t even give me a jolt at all, it is not something new or shocking because I have only got to think of the way in which my grandmother was forced to kill her little child and bury that little baby in the sand in that creek bed at that time. I think about the terror that she must have felt and how she spent her whole life with that terror inside.”

“I do not expect that we are going to hear the last of the stories that were experienced by the forced removal of children from their mothers, their families and their communities. But I think that it is important to say too that here we are in 2012 and there are still subtle ways in which our children are being removed or are being separated from their mothers and their families and their communities.”

“…back in those days it was a widely held belief by the non-Aboriginal people, that separation from family and other Aboriginal influences would allow for kids to buckle down and get the mainstream education and discipline they needed to be successfully assimilated into white mainstream society. “

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