Today’s Prayer


By Trina Otero

“I let go. I let go of all attachments. I am aware of everything present in my life at this very moment – everything I have. And I am grateful. I understand it may not be here tomorrow so I let it go. I am grateful. Thank you.”

May the Light guide you.

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14 thoughts on “Today’s Prayer

      • esotericempath says:

        Yeah, for some reason I feel like telling you about it will help. The universe has really been showing me things lately and going out of its way to make me look at things from my past. I seek it out a little bit, just because I feel like something is on the tip of my tongue, life-wise. But I’m not sure what to do. Trying to let go & let god but its so scary… and so very reassuring at the same time. Sometimes it feels like I’m wishing all this into fruition, like LITERALLY. I have only ERY recently discovered my emoath abilities and now that I know, it seems like pieces of my, past, present, future and eveyrhibg in between are finally coming to a head. Its almost like I have to make a decision. But it feels like I known heart what the right decisions is so it doesn’t feel like its my decision that’s creating this, it feels like this was always.meant to happen and I’m just finally choosing to accept it instead of fighting it. And now that I’ve accepted what is to come (not even sure what it is) I am filled with overflowing love and infinite reassurance that I’m on the right track. We have free will but what’s meant to happen will always find a way so we can go along with destiny and be happy about it or we can go kicking and screaming and it will happen anyway but we will see it as bad instead of seeing it for what it is, what’s supposed to happen. Does any of that make sense? Idont want ANYONE to be hurt by my ‘decisions’ that I make so nice stepped back from.making them but now the universe is like ummmmm gonna keep pulling you closer to this until you learn your lesson and make the right choice. But I don’t know what the right choice is!!!! I feel like I have been given the greatest gift, the opportunity to test my love, my faith, I feel like this is giving me a new faith. Not in a specific religion just a faith that everything is working for the greater good so I just need to trust it. It sounds so iffy but when I base it off what I feel in my heart, its so easy. I have had electrifying experiences lately where my heart is beating so fast it feels as though I may have a heart attack, but I’m not scared, it feels like a good thing. Almost as if godnis reaching down and touching me with infitie love and happiness and reassurance so of course I feel like I should just follow the light. I’m just scared the the light I think I feel is actually something trying to make me faulter. It doesn’t feel like that, it feels like the best thing ever is about to happen, but this is all so new and scary and awesome that it frightens me a little sometimes


      • akosmopolite says:

        Oh wow! If only you were around in 2011-2012 lol! Yes.. I went thru the same thing. Wow.. Yeah.. I had to just.. Surrender. I had to give up control. Everything. And pray and ask for direction and then follow the signs. I’m interested in talking more if you still had more to share. But you know.. Welcome. Everything will be ok πŸ™‚ you are taken care of, you are loved! I began writing on my blog more when I started my life over, in search of answers and healing (2012). But I just worded my thoughts in a way most of the time to where it wasn’t fully exposing my process or life. I just needed a way to express and.. Idk lol. It seems you are doing the same!


      • esotericempath says:

        Yes!! That is EXACTLY what I’m doing!!! Have you been feeling lately that something is going on and something really great is about to happen? I keep feeling this overwhelming feeling of love and reassurance and that everything is finally on the right path or the stars are aligbibg once the time was ready nor something. It feels like something magnificent s about to happen!! I’ve felt all this with a crazy explosion of knowledge I’m being trusted with and I don’t know what to do with it. Its too crazy to try to steer so I just sit back and try to figure out what’s going on. I feel like I could have total control.of my destiny like NOW is the time. The decision I feel in my gut makes me the most happy but it has the potential to make others aad so I’ve been holding off. But lately I feel like I just need to let go to the inevitable and be willing to accept whatever is about to happen because its going to feel so good it won’t matter if others were sad in the process like it will all work itself out if I just choose the thing that sounds scary but sounds like the right thing


      • akosmopolite says:

        We all have these moments.. It’s like.. An awakening. A breath of fresh air. Like birth after a long death. I pray that you continue to have your faith, keep being filled with love and light and let your decisions be based in love! πŸ™‚


      • akosmopolite says:

        It’s so intense! Lol I’ve been going through an intense release of fears and healing since the beginning of the year. But I know love will guide me


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