Movie Elysium Raises Important Questions About Humanity

By Trina Otero

I saw the movie Elysium today, and I have to say that the creator/writer is brilliant [kudos, Neill Blomkamp]. I am impressed and also deep in thought. If you have not seen this movie, I hope you take time to watch it. It is now at the Redbox as well…and I’m sure you can find it online. This movie shows the reality of Earth within a fictional storyline. Elysium brings very important, valid questions to the light —

  1. Why do the wealthy seclude themselves from the rest of the world?
  2. Why is poverty supported/promoted?
  3. Better yet, why does poverty still exist?
  4. Why is the majority of the world population kept from having essentials that ARE a necessity, not a privilege, such as: safe/healthy shelter, food, medical attention, clothes, education. These are basic needs that every human being needs/deserves. Just ask friggin’ Abraham Maslow.
  5. What will happen to Earth if we continue living the way we do? This is a question more for the Western World, mostly the US.
  6. Why does the US continue to ignore the fact that green energy works and will sustain us? The Europeans get it…mostly everywhere I went in Europe I saw solar panels, wind turbines, and other ways to conserve energy and create clean energy.
  7. What would happen to Earth and its inhabitants if the wealthy do choose to leave the planet and live on a colony in outer space?
  8. Why is there a mentality on Earth that we should operate as an individual instead of as a community? [I see this mindset more in the US than in other countries/cultures, actually.]
  9. Why do people think/feel entitled to “privileges” instead seeing these “privileges” as rights for all?
  10. Where has our humanity gone? Why have human beings become so detached and selfish?
  11. Why do so many people choose to turn their heads and ignore the current state of our societies….the current state of the WORLD?
  12. Who is going to step up and “fight” for what is right?

This is my call to all the Lightworkers.

Enjoy the trailer. Enjoy the movie. Let it make you think.



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