Natural Ways to Detox the Liver

By Trina Otero


The liver is considered the father and the organizer of the body when it comes to the blood. It gives direction to the blood, “telling” it which organ to flow to. Our emotions stem from the liver, so a stressed liver can be the root cause of anger and moodiness. Without a healthy liver our bodies can lack the proper functioning in areas such as the bladder, digestive tract, eyes, cause headaches, and many more health issues.

Liver stress shows up in our face as discoloration in the eyes, the area between the eyebrows at the nose bridge, and crows feet under the outer left and right eye. This information is important for us to have not only for ourselves but to help others, and to notice changes in our children as they grow.

Here are a few easy tasks you can implement for a healthier liver:

  • Drink warm lemon water upon awakening
  • Drink beet juice daily if detoxing
  • Drink beet juice weekly for healthy living
  • Add cilantro to your salads
  • Make dressings containing tumeric and garlic
  • Use only oil based dressings [olive, sesame, avocado, coconut]
  • Eat grapes daily [preferably dark red/purple grapes]
  • Use herbs, such as wormwood [small doses only] and dandelion
  • Eat superfoods such as chlorophyll and spirulina

So let’s show our liver some love and be happy! 🙂

– From the lovely Shanell, a holistic detox therapist, body & mind nutritionist, raw & superfood nutritionist, raw food coach, and womb wellness practitioner

You can find out more healing and wellness info on her Instagram — @Resplendentanatomy

Namaste from us both!

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