The Many Facets of Healing & My Personal Story

By Trina Otero

I haven’t done a video in a few months, and while I was in Cerchio I felt led to speak openly about the healing journey I have been on since last year [2012]. I recorded this video in September but was unable to edit or upload until recently, due to inconsistent Internet connection. I hope my message resonates!! Below is an intro and the gist of my message, and below the intro is the full video. ♥

Below is the FULL video — I give details about how I healed emotionally/mentally, physically, and spiritually.


P.S. The links & info I mention in the videos are listed below, since you are watching them straight from my blog 🙂

I mentioned a few of my blog posts, which are the following:

My Skin Healing Journey Pt. 1

My Skin Healing Journey Pt. 2

My Path to Cerchio [how I ended up in Cerchio, waiting on the Charles Virtue retreat rather than continuing Sole Stories]

Master Angel Intensive w/ Charles Virtue

My Sole Stories Project

Other Links:

Jamie Eason’s LivFit Trainer [she’s awesome!]

Bikram Yoga

Charles Virtue

Namaste! 🙂

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