The Poetic Expression of Transition

By Trina Otero


Transition periods are twilight zones – neither here nor there. Just suspended in space, waiting. At a rest stop. A crossroads. Neither dead nor alive, it is the in-between state. Spirituality is full of wonder, magic, joy and peace, but it is also full of periodic deaths. When I dig deeper into my Self, my soul, I discover more.. more intriguing gifts, insights, answers.. But there is also pain. Pain and energy from the past, and far past, which goes back into other lifetimes. Here, still within me. As it bubbles to the surface I cannot turn away and deny what I feel, I must embrace it and release it. This transition IS a transformation. A metamorphosis. But the process is just that — a process. So I rest in my cocoon, going Ø miles per hour as everyone clatters by like “clockwork.”

My wings are being repaired.


P.S. I have so much to share about my journeys in Europe.. I will soon!

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