Mr. Moth Brings Me a Message


By Trina Otero

Right after I posted The Anticipation of Change I walked outside the hotel with some of the girls from my group, but I was very quiet. I have felt a shift within me and around me all day. I tried to explain what I felt, but I couldn’t. I don’t feel sadness, I just sense huge change. A transformation. And it’s left me in a very quiet, reflective mood. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. I lifted my face to the night sky, the chilly air breezing by me, and I said a prayer to the sky. “I can feel the change and I WANTED this. I am grateful. Thank you! I am not afraid. Just show me where I am meant to go. Show me my purpose. I am not afraid.” I took a deep breath and released it into the Universe. Then I walked to the doors of the hotel and noticed a moth landed on me, and he made it known to me he wasn’t going to leave. After a minute or so, it hit me that I needed to look up his meaning.. And this is what I found which left me speechless, other than laughing from surprise:

Moth: Moth teaches sensitivity to touch, smell, taste, intuition and physical/spiritual awareness, along with heightening sound and vibrations in this world and in others. Moth aids in the metamorphosis of your being. Which stage are you currently in; egg, larva, chrysalis or flight? Moth will help in each transition and show how to adapt to the new surroundings. He will teach you to find your own light as a beacon in the direction you should go. It is time to pay attention to your feelings to clarify your movement and discern what is real and not. Are you listening carefully to verbal and non-verbal cues,to what is and is not being said? Are you sensing the world around you? or sensing too much? Moth will teach how to be still, rest and listen and balance your being. In finding your own light, clarity in the moment of darkness will be found and your sensitivity to Spirit increases.

Meaning found at

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