How to Destroy the Child’s Mind


By Trina Otero

It’s so interesting to see the lives we lead. As I stare at an 8-year-old girl I see how We are born into a complicated Web, created by our parents and those before us. And from the moment We arrive here we are subconsciously taught that We have no say, power, right, or grounds to think, talk, and act for ourselves because We are children. We are not allowed to dream, see, or exist the way We know. To them We know nothing better. How complicated and diluted is the adult human brain to forget, ignore, and neglect the ancient knowledge and wisdom about who We are? To feel. How complicated a Web they spin, on this planet of green and blue, from the fears they allow to project and spew straight from their being out into the infinite existence. How complicated and sad are they? How great and intricate is this Web of illusions?

Thinking aloud,


14 thoughts on “How to Destroy the Child’s Mind

      • prayingforoneday says:

        Sit down when you do…
        Your blog was good and hit a chord in me somewhere..
        Sorry if I sent it before. I forget easy..



      • akosmopolite says:

        Omg I wrote this super long response and it disappeared -_- sigh. No I never read that story from you I’ve only read your actual blog bio. My mind Imagined so many things while I read that, things I’ve only seen with imagination while reading or watching something. So now I understand you and applaud you for teaching your children how to love. I wrote this while observing a situation… And it caused my mind to spin…


      • prayingforoneday says:

        Yeah, she was…I knew this the SECOND I seen her..My line was “We will spend our lives together” Oh how she laughed at “That was the worst line ever” πŸ˜€
        Looking back, we both just knew. Keep in mind we were both at School…It was surreal to say the least .

        She showed me a World I had NO IDEA existed and a Love I never knew about. To this day we are best friends. We are going through a bad stage just now, but so is everyone.. Read my blog on (What is happening to us, 7/8 down my page) It seems people are having pain flair up’s and people are getting angry…Very strange. I look at the World, I am a watcher πŸ˜€ I love keeping up to date with politics (Lies) and world news. Dunno why.. lol



      • akosmopolite says:

        ❀ sorry my Internet was shitty last night. I sent a message on twitter and also here.. Can u give me your email? U can email me if u prefer it to be private – Oterotm at Gmail dot com πŸ™‚


      • prayingforoneday says:

        This is why your blog was good…
        We have to allow kids to BE KIDS as long as we can..
        Life is better, that life is like a dream now. But the pain came the DAY I stopped being a criminal.. I don’t understand why. This is what I am trying to find out. The mind is a CRAZY thing.

        And thank you…
        I am just one person with one story…
        Many have their own, my pain allows me to see that story and say “I know”..



      • akosmopolite says:

        Well have you tried energy healing? To remove energy blockages?

        I don’t think we ever stop being a kid. I realize that here while we grow up we just learn how to stress and fear and get angry and insecure and then spend our young adult life or later years trying to unlearn all that bullshit to return to what we always knew was True


      • prayingforoneday says:

        I have tried spiritual healing and other things..Nothing worked. Maybe I was not up to the idea and made my mind turn away?

        To be honest although in pain I am the most laid back guy I know. I am so laid back I should fall asleep πŸ˜€
        I don’t let the past control me, Tomorrow is a guess, THIS VERY SECOND I am happy, so life is good. This is my way. It works…

        We all have our ways..Yesterday, my childhood, TRULY does not haunt me. The pain I am in today can however. But these are just moments. Moments come and go. I am a happy blessed man. And know it. All my family are happy now. We have issues here and there, but the ones, like me who decided “No” to that life are all good now. The ones who are on that path get told to “Fuck off” and I smile when I say it. I control my day and I look to the people in my home for anything I need..

        Thanks a lot for the chat, you help..


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