painting of a beautiful full moon

Of Sea Wind and Waxing Gibbous

painting of a beautiful full moon

Beautiful art called “Blame it on the Moon,” which was very fitting, to me, for this post. Even though it looks like a sun…I don’t know, I really love this piece. Found it at

By Trina Otero

Tonight was my last night to privately lay out on the terrace and look up at the magnificent stars. Charles Virtue arrives tomorrow and he will have the third floor of the house, which includes the wonderful, large terrace. A bright, waxing gibbous moon greeted me when I walked outside onto the tile floor, and as I deeply inhaled I smelled the scent of the Adriatic sea dancing in the crisp, nippy wind. After I laid down on the lawn chair and wrapped myself really tight with a thick, warm blanket, these words came to me….. I normally do not share my poetry on my blog..for a few reasons, but I feel inclined to share this one. I feel pregnant with change – even my breasts are full like an expecting mother. The phase of the moon reflects my intuition. Waxing gibbous. This is the phase of the moon when I was born.

Would you come to me if I told you I can smell the scent of your sea/ beyond Sleeping Beauty, in the valley and rolling curves of beloved Cerchio/

Would you sail using the compass of my heart/ if I told you I daydream of flying among the floating night clouds/ Where dark and light meet at a point in oblivion/ My Love…Would you/

If I stared at the stars with loving intent/ until they dance and shoot across the sky/ then made my wishes known to the Great Masters/ would you listen for my loving whisper/ and the echo of my soul/ the echo that calls you home/

When I close my eyes/ there is no darkness, just a portal to our world/ Dearly Beloved/ I may be blind but with your frequency I see beyond multiple galaxies/ straight through the Black Hole and into the bed of your soul/

2013 © Trina Otero. All rights reserved.

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