prayer in cerchio

Grotto Prayers: Where Will I Go After Cerchio?

By Trina Otero

I’m not Catholic but I knelt for prayer in the grotto outside the kindergarten school in Cerchio. It is so pretty and quaint here. It’s not about religion, the Madonna or anything. It just feels special here. So I knelt on the cushioned stool and prayed.

First of all, I thanked God and my Guides for all the blessings. For being here in Cerchio. I thanked them for their guidance. Then I openly admitted that I don’t know where I’ll go after the Charles Virtue Retreat. If I’m to stay here, go back to Indiana, maybe Canada? I prayed for signs and guidance; I’m not afraid, I know they’ll send me signs. I prayed for a way to make steady income if I’m meant to stay in Italy — a job to sustain me or help me with my travels, since I’m a foreigner.

I also asked for guidance and clarity about a guy who seems interested in me. I really like him, but I need to be careful and smart. I learned a lot from my past experiences and my solitude time. I fall fast. I need to be careful and mindful to see the true meaning for our connection. Maybe it’s not meant to be romantic, maybe we are supposed to help one another through a life lesson. I’m not sure, but I do feel he may not be the right fit for me [and that’s a sign already]!

Oh, after my prayer I knelt by the offering pool to take a foto of the flowers and this fly kept flying by me and my ear. Annoying me. I said, “Fly go away!” Then I realized he may have been my sign. Fly medicine means,

“See the treasure.. Use the same gift a fly does to see the situation from many perspectives.. That is how a fly can turn what others deem as ‘trash’ into treasure..”

I’m making note I finished this journal entry at 3:19 pm. This is a number that has repeated occasionally for me.

Cerchio, Angel Number 11

I realize that I saw #11 before coming to this school and chapel. [I see this number repeated ALOT.] I stopped, took a pic of it [it was a house number] then I prayed in my head. I thanked God and my Guides for their presence and told them that I’m sorry for freaking out about not knowing what to do. In all honesty, none of my Guides have ever told me what to do, they have always given gentle nudges and encouragement. Strong feelings of Love. My life thus far has not been led in fear and out of demands. I have been led by Love. So, there’s no need to doubt how my life has been led so far. I just need to be aware that it’s possible for others to try and deceive or tempt me. Just be aware.



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