Sexy Hard&B by Sabatahj The Freak


Album art from Tahj’s EP

By Trina Otero

Today I am missing my 2G fam and good ole R&B — anything with sexy rhythm and bass…. So I went to listen to my buddy’s song, “I Aint Trippin.” Ahhhhhhh, spacey synths, a beat and bass that makes me want to shake my hips, and Tahj’s semi-naughty lyrics. Tut-tut-tut. Love it! Oh, ironically, I found out today that his video to this single is going to be released next week, so keep an eye out! Love this dude. ❤

More about Tahj [bio written by Yours Truly]:


Art by Tahj

Tahj “Sabatahj” Mullins, born Oct. 9, 1992, is the only male R&B artist on the 2G4TV label. With a sound reminiscent of a  cosmopolitan musician, his style is as if Dream’s high-note vocals and sexy-infused rhythms collided with Timbaland‘s creative hip-hop beats and the alien-esque electronica sound of genius Ronald Jenkees. What is birthed from this musical madness is cosmic hip-hop, or better yet, “space jazz.” Tahj himself likes to think of his music as “ghetto-pop” or “hard&b,” and R&B mixed, but with a not so subtle approach. The diverse array of genres is evident to keen ears – dirty trap beats, electronic synths, r&b tempos, droidey sound effects.

Born in New Albany, Indiana, Tahj grew up listening to many genres of music but hip-hop and R&B were dominant influences. Having an appreciation for music longer than he can remember, he began writing lyrics disguised as poems at the age of 13, and he also started playing drums around the same age. During his freshman year of high school he became more serious about lyric writing.

The main influences and inspiration for Tahj’s music are his ongoing philosophies on life, his outlook on relationships, and his love for women. His adoration for the female species is evident in his sexually-charged lyrics and sensual tunes. One can often hear him refer to himself in his songs as “Mr. Nasty Time.”

The 20-year-old singer finished his first mixtape titled “Guilty Pleasures,” which dropped at the beginning of August. The tracks in this project are as unpredictable as the funky vibes from the Neptunes creatives. The aftermath – sexy galactic music. To create the unique sounds of his EP he brought in various producers – and co-collaborated with some – such as Kountdown, Trixx Music, Johnny Juliano, West End Goldie, and Blake Anthony.

By the end of 2013, Tahj hopes to have a solid project out, at least three music videos (one for each single), and consistent shows out-of-town and within the surrounding areas.

In the long run, he hopes to help with the growth of 2G and wants to make music his career. Some of his goals are to collaborate with some of the artists and producers he admires and he would like to eventually start a clothing line.

Although he is young he is very focused on his ambitions, which is why he is part of the 2G4TV label. He himself says the level of professionalism within the label makes him an even better businessman as well as musician.

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