My Path to Cerchio…

A view of Cerchio from higher land. Photo taken with my Galaxy Note II.

A view of Cerchio from higher land. Photo taken with my Galaxy Note II.

By Trina Otero

The most important thing in my life is to focus and dedicate my energy to my purpose here, on Earth. To be a citadel of Love. To be a Beacon of Light. I dedicate the majority of my time to my spiritual life, my growth, reading, researching, praying, meditating, and connecting with other seekers. So it is no surprise that I continued this fervent dedication when I arrived in Italy….

Because of my dedication I began learning more, and new insights were revealed to me. The beautiful thing is I found more people to connect with, and they love me just as much as I love them. We found one another mostly through different social media [wow, the Internet is truly amazing]! They are very much a part of my spiritual/cosmic family, and they have [and continue to] help me along my journey….it has been mind blowing and beautiful. Beautiful resonance.

souls meet

With their loving guidance I received answers to questions I had about different things — angels, angel signs, how to protect myself from lower-level energies, communicating with my Guides and Angels, my intuitive gifts, healing, and much more…  I noticed two of my new girlfriends, Jewells and Svetlana, repeatedly talked about Doreen Virtue and her book Healing with the Angels. I soon realized this was the very same book Jennie, a dear friend of mine, suggested to me one year ago. I took this as a sign… I found an unedited online version and began to read it in my spare time. healing with angels

One day I was having a group chat with my two girlfriends and Svetlana kept saying, “My Teacher told me….” This statement caught my attention, because at that time I was praying for a Teacher/Guru to enter my life and help me hone my skills. So, I asked, “Svetlana, who is your Teacher and how did you find him/her?”

“His name is Charles Virtue,” she replied.

“Charles Virtue…….is he related to Doreen Virtue?!” I asked. And my friend replied, “He is her son. :)”

She sent me a link to his site, and that is how my current adventure began….. [Pssst! Go on, click it! It’s a link!]

Charles Virtue is having a course in Italy for the very first time, as is stated on his website. I find it serendipitous that it will be his first time teaching a course in Italy because I am here in Italy right now for the first time as well. What are the chances that a course will be offered in the area I am visiting during a time when I am seeking certain answers?! When I saw this advertised on his site, I immediately looked for more details. I found the itinerary, which sent my inner Indiana Jones and Spirit into a giddy high. I knew…I just knew I HAD to enroll in this course. There were no ifs, buts, or what ifs….this was meant for me!

Charles Virtue is pairing up with DeaSol for a Master Intensive course in Italy.

Charles Virtue is pairing up with DeaSol for a Master Intensive course in Italy.

That very same day I spoke with Liana Gualtieri, the co-owner of DeaSol, who is the point of contact for the Charles Virtue Master Intensive Course in Italy. Do you know that feeling you have inside when you meet someone or see/hear something and it just…”feels right?” Yeah, I felt that, from the jump, when I heard Liana’s voice over the phone. By the end of our phone conversation I learned that she felt my energy, and she had the same intuitive feelings. Liana enthusiastically explained the itinerary, and she gushed about the region of Abruzzo, specifically the Fucino Valley and a village called Cerchio. My mind was swimming in a sea of wonderful, magical images as she told me there was once a large, magical lake in the area with nearby residents who were known for their unique gifts. They were a special group of people — healers, magicians, intuitives, warriors, fishermen. Two goddesses were known here as well — Circe and Angizia — and their temples were located near the lake. But when the Romans invaded they tried to drain the precious lake by creating channels….at first they weren’t successful but by 1875 Lake Fucino was gone…. The history and legends she told me piqued my interest. It sounded more like a historical account needing to be rediscovered rather than a fairy tale told amongst locals. I was hooked.

lake fucino

I told Liana I was interested in helping her spread the story about the magical valley, and of course I was still interested in learning from Charles. This seemed like a dream come true! And it still is! Without hesitation she invited me to stay in her home in Cerchio, at any time. I did not diddly daddly — I packed one large duffel bag and sent all my other belongings back to the US. I purchased my train tickets, and hopped on my first train at 4:19 a.m. August 29. Now, this sounds crazy to the average person…..being in a foreign country and hopping on trains alone to a village I’ve never been, to stay in the home of a family I have never met. [[Huge inhale, gosh, that was a long sentence!]] But….I am not weak-minded, nor do I live in the state of fear. I live by Love and I am guided by my heart/intuition. I knew this felt right. This was meant for me. So off I went… Cerchio.

I will continue to post chapters for my Sole Stories, which was my original project when I arrived in Europe. Jessica continues to diligently work on our fotos from our adventures while I am here in Cerchio. I just know I need to be here. This is something meant for my spiritual journey, and it is also meant for something greater…this is for the sake of history. For the spiritual growth of many truth seekers. For the region of Abruzzo. For Cerchio.

I am currently working with:


Germano di Mattia, who is very focused on bringing awareness of the Abruzzo region to the world. To see some of the works he has done, check out his YouTube channel. He has been working on films for awhile now, and he is currently working on a documentary. He will also be joining the Charles Virtue program to document our travels and experiences. Germano’s YouTube Channel

I hope you continue to follow with me on my journey….this is going to be very exciting! Soon I will share some fun and intriguing facts about this area — well it’s fun for history/mythology/religious studies buffs at least! 🙂



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