Story of the Tar Pit from Kryon

I found this parable, which is fascinating, while reading the script from the channelling of Kryon at the United Nations in 1995 by Lee Carroll. Although I am not sure how I feel yet about channelled messages, I did find resonance with the overall message of this parable. Enjoy!It seems that all humanity was hindered by tar to the degree that it was difficult to walk from one place to another. The tar would stick to the humans wherever they walked. But this was the way of the world, for all humans shared this attribute. Everywhere they walked, the tar would stick. It would cling to their clothing and make them dirty, and many times (depending upon how thick it was) it would actually stop them. Other times it would only slow them down, but this was the way of the things for all and was accepted.

One human discovered through his enlightenment, a gift from God. He gave intent to be different in the New Age and claimed this gift. When he did so, the tar receded from him. And so everywhere he walked, the tar moved away as he walked into it! It no longer stuck to him. His clothes were always clean and everywhere he went, he did so easily – gliding from place to place. There were no more stoppages and no more difficulties.

Now, he was not evangelistic about this gift, and he kept it to himself. He told himself that even though the gift was available to everyone, it was very personal. So he decided it was not appropriate to mention it to the others. Before long, however, those around him noticed that he was not in any way hampered by the tar. So it wasn’t long before they asked him, “What has happened? How did this take place? You look so free – so peaceful! Your clothes are always clean, and you’re able to move so quickly past us!”

So he willingly told them about his personal gift from God, and many of them also gave intent for it as well. Each person to whatever degree that they asked, received the gift, and soon many were walking around without the tar sticking to them. And so it was that over a period of time, there was a large group of enlightened humans who had changed themselves, yet it had started with only one – concerned only to improve himself. So we say to you, the one who changed himself also made a difference for many – even though there was no conscious effort on his part to do so.

So this is the way of it as you sit in the chair now. For what you do with yourself personally, right now, will make a difference in the future to many, including those in the big room not far from here. Your personal intent to change yourself can change the reality of the entire planet!

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