~¤~ Stargazing in Cerchio & the Number 911 ~¤~

I went out on the terrace last night to look at the stars and to pray. To talk to God, my Angels and my Guides. To look at the constellation that caught my attention a few nights ago. I laid on the lawn chair, wrapped in a blanket, and I released a deep breath. The view is spectacular. The stars are so bright. From the terrace I can see the stars blink, twinkle, wink… They pulse with grandeur. It is absolutely beautiful. After stargazing in awe for awhile, I began to pray. I gave my gratitude for my blessings. I gave gratitude for where I am, for the magic happening in my life. Sometimes it is still unbelievable to acknowledge where I am now compared to last year. Compared to two years ago. My life has drastically changed, and I’m still in awe.

My first week in Cerchio has been a whirlwind – I arrived in time for La Festa de la Madonna delle Grazie. It lasted from Friday, August 30, until Monday, September 2. Everyday there was an event in the piazza, especially at night, and everyone stays out in the piazza until about 2-3 a.m. I also witnessed three processions, where the people walked through some of the streets with the statue of the Madonna.


My new Aussie friend Yvonne & her cousin Manon, who is studying in Pescara Italy. We were on our way to the piazza for the night festivities.

So I was taking photos and notes for those four days. On top of that I was having little adventures with Yvonne before she left. So I have not had time until now to really sit and think. To pray and meditate with focus. I feel like I am just now recalibrating my body and energy and adjusting my mind to my new surroundings. Those four days were for enjoyment and observation, and now it is time for me to deeply seek my purpose here.

So under the stars I asked for guidance. I apologized for being so occupied. I asked for them to make themselves very present in my life again, because I miss their communication and guidance. In reality, I know I have been very busy, so busy that I have not been paying attention to signs as often as I usually do. They never left me. But, since my arrival I did notice the number 11 appearing often…


The house number is 11 🙂

I told them my head is swarming with the history of this town and with the area of L’Aquila. I have learned so much in less than a week, so my mind is overwhelmed with the historical facts and legends. The history gives me a greater understanding of my purpose in Cerchio, but the reason is still not crystal clear. I just know I’m here because it is part of my life purpose and I know it is related to my spiritual gifts. Other than this, I am just following this path with blind faith and intuition.

I feel a deep connection with this area. I have not felt specific energy or feelings yet, but I feel as if I’m in a familiar place. I feel very comfortable here, I feel like this could be home. This reminds me of my connection I felt with Mexico in 2008. I just feel I’m connected to this land and to the history somehow….


A road leading to the second piazza and chapel, before heading to the Trinita in the mountains.

I expressed all of this openly under the stars… I admitted I cannot see clearly, but I prayed for clarity and insight. I prayed for inspiration to write the history of Cerchio the best way possible, with words from my heart so that others can truly understand and FEEL the importance of this wonderful place. I want to be able to write when Divine inspiration strikes. Cerchio is a gem. It is of great spiritual importance.


I found this small “altar” on the side of what looked like an abandoned home in the outskirts of Cerchio. It is for La Madonna (Mother Mary).

I also said some prayers for some loved ones. I laid in silence and drifted to sleep under the stars. After some minutes passed I awoke, looked at my mysterious constellation, said buonanotte, then went inside to sleep.

When I awoke this morning, ok I admit I woke up near noon ((chuckles)), I had an email from a dear friend. She sent me an article titled “Seven Traits of Highly Magical People,” written by Carolyn Elliott. For some reason the timestamp caught my eye.. Then I smiled. I received her email at 9:11 am. I gave thanks…. My angels are talking to me! 911 repeated to me often before I arrived in Italy, and it has appeared at times while being here. 911 itself tells me that a new chapter is here and it is part of my life purpose. It is confirming my purpose as a Lightworker. (Read the full meaning of 911 here.) It can also be 9+11 = 20 = 2+0 which = 2. Still an important number :). But I also realized 9+1+1 = 11 Which is a Master Number.  Take notice that 11 has been appearing since I arrived in Cerchio…


This is a monument symbolizing step 2 of the 12 steps of Christ (I believe?) but when I saw this my brain saw 11.

Anyways, aside from my numerological babble, the email was very intriguing. It made me feel so much joy because it was a gentle reminder. I am not sure why, but being in a new place with highly charged energy but not yet being able to feel it completely has made me feel a little bit lost. I thought I’d feel something intense by now. (Expectations can be a bitch, eh? Sorry for the French, but hey! It’s the truth, holmes.) So this was a kind reminder that I already experience magic in my life, and it gently reminded me of my gifts. After all, for the first time in my life I have quickly (within 4-5 months) found my spiritual family, who reside in places all over the world – very dear loved ones who resonate with me and understand me.

I also serendipitously found someone (well technically he found me) who is so deeply connected to me in a cosmic way. I know when he is thinking about me, and he knows when I am thinking about him. I am also experiencing “visits” from him, and the same for him. It has been very magical and entertaining indeed. Our paths are so similar. Our past experiences are almost identical, minus the fact that we come from different birthplaces and backgrounds. But aside from all of that, we have an inexplicable connection. And this type of connection is mentioned in the 7 Traits, so I was tickled. 🙂

As if all this isn’t enough… I told my friend and colleague, Germano di Mattia, about 911 appearing while we sipped on cafe in his parents’ home, and he smiled and said “This house is number 9. Did you notice?” I replied, “Wow, really?” Then.. After a few seconds I widened my eyes in wonder and he and I said at the same time, “And Yvonne’s house is number 11!” Yvonne’s family home is in fact right next door, literally, the left neighbor to Germano. 9 and 11. How incredible! Germano asked if I know of Lee Carroll, who talks about 911 often. I don’t, so I am going to do research on him today.

Oh, Cerchio, you are magical indeed.


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