Sure-Fire Signs You Are Unhappy with Your Life & Want a Change!


Photo from The Guardian

If you experience or feel any of the following, most likely you are tired of your current life and desire a New Life [and you can have it!]:

  • Unhappy with your job, or you feel there is no purpose for you
  • Daydream, and when you look at your present life you are unhappy because the two are completely opposite
  • Have a partner who does not value your worth, and/or belittles you, abuses you, takes advantage of you, lies to you, cheats on you, is hard to trust, points out your flaws instead of your greatness, or does not meet the needs/wants you personally desire in a mate
  • Unhappy/pessimistic often
  • Constant worrying
  • Constantly doing things for others and never doing anything for yourself
  • It is hard for you to express happiness for others who share good news with you
  • You feel tired of life in general
  • You feel “it’s the same shit, different day”
  • Experience constant negative emotions, such as: anxiety, fear, anger, confusion, jealousy, sadness, depression, shame
  • Feel a war within yourself
  • Feel anger towards yourself
  • Have lost self-confidence and inner-strength
  • Distance yourself from friends and relatives
  • Life seems like a constant roller-coaster or battle — you can never catch your breath
  • Constant stress
  • You think about ending your life
  • You think about disappearing
  • Do not experience joy
  • Lost sense of self, don’t know who you are, or what is the purpose of your life

I list these signs because I was once unhappy with my life. Two years ago I was at the lowest point in my life. Rock bottom. In hell. I was extremely unhappy and I was tired of feeling disoriented, disappointed, lost, and pain. I felt like my life didn’t make sense anymore. My life did not match what I had always envisioned. I was in an extremely unhealthy relationship with someone who did not value my worth at all, I was constantly struggling with finances, I had alienated myself from my loved ones, I was eating poorly, crying at night often, and I felt lost. I realized I loved him [my ex] more than I loved myself. If I had loved myself I would have ended the relationship sooner, and I would have put all my effort into learning about myself and searching for Spiritual Truth. Those past few years was the best eye-opening experience I have ever had, and I am grateful for the ride in hell, because now I know what it feels like to be Free. To be in Heaven. To live a New Life.

And You can have a New Life too. I guarantee it. It doesn’t come without effort — you have to REALLY WANT IT and put in effort. Work. It all starts with You. Be strong enough to see your value and what you desire in life. Sometimes we have to start from scratch, a new start. I had to do it. I know you can do it too! Many blessings.



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