Namaste_Anjali Mudra

Invitation: Global Prayer/Meditation for Syria


Ciao & Namaste everyone…I have created this event because I know the best thing I can give right now to Syria and the world are my prayers and energy. If you are unaware of the issues going on in Syria, you can easily find news articles on the Internet. Right now the US is planning/talking about attacking Syria from the water [Navy destroyers].

The news is an amazing tool that is used now-a-days to instill FEAR into people. News, unbiased news, can be very helpful and informative. But some news is used and abused to create the emotions of fear, worry, and other low energy emotions. The only thing I know of to help and balance this is to UNITE with others, PRAY/MEDITATE, and offer our high energy of Love and Peace.


I’m going to try to remember to meditate/pray when I wake up and before I go to bed, EVERYDAY. Yes, I said try, because even I am not perfect and may forget. I invite any and all of you to join me..I think the fact that we are all in different time zones is fantastic…because we will be bringing in Love at different times of the day, all day 🙂

Thank you & Namaste ♥



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