Nature Yoga, Prayers & Healing

By Trina Otero

Today I woke up “sick” – kinda feels like hayfever or a cold. My friend and I went to the gym, but I felt my soul tugging at me, yearning to go outside. So I grabbed a yoga mat and weights, and I sat in the grass by the track.

I took in the fresh air, admired the hazy view of the mountains, and observed and listened to Earth as I stretched into different asanas.


I haven’t practiced yoga daily since my arrival in Italy, so I was very shakey going into tree pose and toe stand pose. I could not keep my balance. I knew there were a few reasons I was not doing them well – my health, the tense energy that has surrounded me lately, and my head was too crowded with thoughts. But I did not want to give up so I tried over and over again, changing locations several times because of the uneven ground. Finally, I stood up, both feet on my mat, and I faced the mountains. Then I said this aloud:

“Yes, I came here to heal. I came here for healing. Help me push out these lower energies. Fill me with Your radiant Love. Fill me with Your beautiful energy. Yes, I came here to heal.”

As I spoke from my heart I slowly moved into toe stand pose, and I kept my balance.

“Yes, I was nervous. I have been nervous to do this on my own. But I have been through far worse. You were by my side while I had to do some wild things to survive. I had no room to feel nervous, because I was in survival mode. So I know I can do THIS. I can do this by myself. I am ready and willing to accept my next steps. I will always love the people in my life. I will always love the ones who do not fully understand me or resonate, but I understand a chapter is done and now it’s time for my new phase. Yes, I can do this. Yes, I came here for healing. Let’s dispel these energies together. Fill me with healing energies. I am ready. So, let’s get on with it, shall we? 🙂 ”

As I spoke these words I switched feet and slowly moved into toe stand pose again.

While I kept my intent on my prayers, healing, and balance, I saw spirited sparkles intensify and move faster in the air. I felt energy begin to vibrate higher.


After one hour of yoga, praying, meditating, and listening to nature I felt complete. I finished my solitude time with this prayer:

“Fill me with your radiant Love. Help me to surrender to You.”

Side note :
Bees surrounded my mat the whole time I was outside. For some reason I was not afraid. Butterfly flew by as I prayed. Bird flew into the tree near me while I prayed. Ants were curious about my yoga mat. To me… Earth was responding to my prayers. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Nature Yoga, Prayers & Healing

  1. Egypt English says:

    I find the more I go into meditation or prayer the less I am afraid of the scary things around me. I get this crazy, overwhelming, but calming sense peace and with it I’m perfectly okay! ♥ILY


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