Three Full Moons


View of the Full Moon from my balcony in Francenigo, Italy, Aug. 20, 2013.

By Trina Otero

Three moons have passed while I have been in Italy. Wow. That is crazy…and just like I view my life now-a-days, everything has passed by in phases. From adapting to my surroundings, the language, climate — to sifting through some unresolved feelings about certain people — to learning some valuable spiritual lessons. I have become stronger mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have learned to listen to my intuition. I have learned to be my own biggest fan, to believe in my talents and passions [and to quit doubting my ideas]. I have learned to stand up strong. Stronger than I have been thus far in my 26 years of life. Italy has the perfect energy for the lessons I have been learning lately….especially on the spiritual side. It has been wild….and I have been enjoying all of it. I embrace everything and I continue to learn how to go with the flow as best as I can. I am becoming more graceful, and I am eternally grateful. And I cannot find words to express my gratitude for the guidance that has been given to me…it has answered questions I have had my whole life. I am starting to understand who and what I am. And I am confident about the life I want. I feel this year, especially this season, is about me fully opening my eyes and finding the confidence to walk in alignment with my life purpose.

Dear Italy, grazie per la vostra magnifica energia. Dear Full Moon, thank you, it is done and I understand. Dear Universe, I am ready.



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