❀ The Energies of the Month of August 2013 ❀

Energies of August will show you what to let go and what to embrace, if you are ready!

Energies of August will show you what to let go and what to embrace, if you are ready!

By Trina Otero

***I did not write this. I am sharing this post from another site. All credits go to the original author. But I know this will resonate with most of my readers!***

 ❀ 2013 is flying by and we are now in the eighth month, August, whose energies offer new beginnings and final endings. It’s a month whose energy is going to often feel like we are being pulled in two different directions and the decision will be based on the question “Do we move forward or go back?” Standing still is no longer an option and choices must be made. For three weeks this month, we have a Jupiter-Pluto opposition, which will highlight the opportunities opening up for us, as well as provide reasons to let go of the old ways, patterns and habits. ***We’re fully into our journey of evolution and ascension and it is all good, even though it may not always feel good.***

❀  The energies this month are expansive and as we are shown what expands in our life, we must remember that energy is non-judgmental. So what brings us joy, peace, and love will expand equivalently with whatever is currently in our life that holds us back from experiencing those things. What are we moving towards and what do we need to release to get there? What do we want for ourselves and what limiting beliefs or thoughts can we release to allow that energy to enter? How are we using our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources in our lives and can we surrender, let go, move on, and move forward?

 ❀ We will come face to face with the `real` in our reality this month. When the cold, hard truth (Pluto) is revealed by the 10,000 watt light bulb (Jupiter), any areas where we are in denial, being ‘less than,’ not aligned with our divine truth, not allowing ourselves to face our lives with the courage and confidence to live up to our highest potential — not the one we allow through our fears, but the ones we allow from our heart — will be revealed. It’s not the time for judgment, it’s time for action. And taking action can be shifting one limiting belief into expansion, giving our heart a voice in our plans, looking deep within to figure out what we really want, and setting that as our intention for our life.

❀  Are we going to give up or stand up when our desire for change is met by our fear of transformation? August will give us a front row seat into the possibilities that are available, when and if we are willing to take that FIRST STEP, which is being willing to allow ourselves to experience our brilliance, greatness, mastery, and the potential that we have, so far, been consciously unaware of. It’s time to listen to that quiet, calm voice which is telling us to dare to become what we have always known was possible for us. The Universe will support us and the world needs us to be walking our divine walk now. And as we create space for our highest potentials, we also open enormous portals to allow the earth and humanity to do this too. The longest journey begins with that first step, so step out with courage, confidence and clarity. We are the ‘what’, the Universe provides the ‘how’. We set the templates or form for energy, and it flows into whatever containers we create for it. Make sure your container is as big as possible.

 ❀ As I wrote in the 2013 predictions, ”During this entire year, your intention will serve as your guidepost and guiding light for your life, so set powerful, meaningful and soul-filled intentions for this evolutionary, transformative year.” What transformation have you not yet achieved in your life and what are you willing to allow to happen now? Can you set a powerful intention for that? This month’s keyword is `allow`, and as we open to receiving the blessings we manifest in our lives, we allow ourselves to be more of everything we are from moment to moment. What do you want to be `more` of in your life? Allow yourself to be open to that and be willing to receive it. The universe is waiting for us to acknowledge what it already knows about us, let’s all make it real and make it happen! 

Jennifer Hoffman

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