Being in the Momentness


Any task can be a joyful experience!

I realized I don’t need to attend an ashram to work on my “being in the momentness.” As I tediously worked on removing fabric dye (that an Italian – made dress rubbed onto my super cool leather purse), I remembered I could keep my focus on this ridiculous task. My focus would make it more interesting and beneficial, because, no lie, cleaning the purse didn’t require many of my brain cells. My mind kept wandering off….. To-do lists, writing ideas, possible conversations with friends I wanted to have, and.. well.. much more. But my mind snapped back into the Present and I said to myself:

“Trina, you aren’t being present. Maybe you could do this job better if you focus on it and do it with joy.”

My fingers were sore – the dye was stubborn. But I lowered my face closer to the soft leather of my purse and rubbed the cloth with tenacity and gumption. I kept my alertness, enjoying every moment, until I was proud of my shiny, clean purse.

Lesson Learned. :o)


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