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Why Don’t You Pull the Plug?

By Trina Otero

I know what it is like to be in a situation with a person (or people) and suddenly snap awake. To suddenly snap out of it, look around, and realize something is majorly wrong. Something is not right about the picture. It doesn’t feel right inside. You experience a moment of crystal clear CLARITY. I also know what it is like when the person(s) involved in that situation convince you that it was a one time thing, it was a fluke. He/she/they won’t do it again, and they put so much energy into convincing you – so you believe it. Why wouldn’t you believe?

Time passes. Maybe a day. Three days. Five months. A year. But then it happens again. And again. And again. You reach a point when you briefly come up for air and you realize yet again that something is terribly wrong with your situation. This person or these people continue to pull the blanket of illusions over you, and you continue the cycle because when the deception is working, hell it’s really working and life seems great! But you keep having those random moments of awareness where your intuition tells you, “This is not how it is supposed to be.”

So my question to you is – How long will you ride this roller coaster before you realize it is broken? How much of your life are you willing to give to something that is only a sick game? You are a pawn, a pilot that has fallen asleep. A target for his/her/their destructive behavior. You are their energy source. When will you pull the plug? Or will you continue to allow them to suck the power right out of you?



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3 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Pull the Plug?

  1. ralph..infinitebarz says:

    im done with da rollercoaster…../….storing that pain in this box letting in grow stronger in my chest….dat box now is nothn but memories…./….wisdom that ive gained dat has made me stronger and wiser….:)…blessings in disguise….but im happy im finaly off da rollercoaster…mare me realize da true meaning of self value….thanks for da extra push..:) namaste


    • akosmopolite says:

      If I had an iPhone Ralph this is where I’d insert that smiley with his fists in the air!!!! Jajajaja 😀 here is my geeky gamer version o–(0_0)–o lol. Yes, you said it correctly… LESSON OF SELF VALUE. Amen, I could hug you right now. Oh, btw, don’t hold onto the pain, let that go so you can grow. But remember the lessons. 😉


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